Top Most Fashionable Cricketers in the World

Top Most Fashionable Cricketers in the World

Cricket is a team sport composed of individuals with a collective goal of winning a match with a series of bowling and batting. Aside from playing on the pitch, a few cricketers from the IPL best team also stand out with their sheer sense of style. This will provide them with a sense of individuality and confidence that attracts fans and supporters. 

We listed down the top cricketers in the world who also shine in the realm of fashion and modeling. 

Kevin Pietersen

Pietersen not only emerged as a talented batsman in the IPL best team but also a world-renowned style icon. He was known for his sharp and dapper look which he always presented at award shows and public events. 

Punters and media men always take note of Pietersen’s styling sense which was a hit among the fans of cricket. The English former cricketer now works as a cricket commentator but still retains his versatility in fashion. 

KL Rahul

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Hailed from Bengaluru in India, Kannur Lokesh Rahul serves as an opening batsman for the IPL best team Punjab Kings, and the Indian national cricket team. Aside from being a prolific athlete, he is also widely regarded for his fashion sense. KL Rahul always presents himself confidently and stylishly both on and off the pitch. 

Michael Clarke

Aside from being a talented cricketer, Michael Clarke was also known for his attractiveness and style which makes him stand out among his Australian cricket side. Clarke exudes an air of a bad boy, perfectly donning a semi-bald hairstyle, tattoos, and a charming smile. 

Hardik Pandya

The Indian cricket team has plenty of amazing talents, but none of them can pull off the epitome of style than Hardik Pandya. Hardik was widely known for his aggressive batting style and precise bowling but outside the field, he is a down-to-earth person. The 28-year-old IPL best team player has quickly become a style icon, sometimes sporting a wild hairdo. 

Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle was a cricket player who has become a team captain of the West Indies side. Gayle was hugely popular for his unique fashion sense that leaned towards street style. One of the iconic looks of Chris Gayle was his custom-made suit that he wore during the ICC World Cup match of India and Pakistan in 2019.

Virat Kohli

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Everybody knows Virat Kohli is a global cricket superstar but only a few notices that he is also a fashion icon. Donning a sharp well-maintained beard along with perfectly selected pieces, Kohli can easily attract fans, especially women. 

Virat Kohli was a prolific batsman at the IPL best team and several cricket franchises were vying to get the Delhi-born cricketer. Being a cricketing legend, Virat Kohli was known by millions of people on the planet as both a skillful athlete and a style idol. 

Pat Cummins

Pat Cummins is a skillful cricket player who represents Australia in international sporting events. Not only that he has a talent on the pitch but he also has an eye for style. Possessing a 6 feet 3-inch height and a toned physique, Cummins is widely considered one of the most stylish cricketers in the world. 

Ellyse Perry

Ellyse Perry is an Australian cricket player who was born in Wahroonga in the state of New South Wales. Perry was widely known as one of the most attractive female cricket players in the world. 

One of the interesting facts about Ellyse Perry is that she’s not only a cricketer, but she is a football player as well. The Australian athlete was the first player who played for both the ICC Cricket World Cup and the FIFA World Cup. 

Ben Stokes

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Stokes is the team captain of the England team in the Test format of cricket. People who are well acquainted with Ben Stokes know his restrained and calm demeanor. 

His arm has plenty of tattoos with each one having a significant meaning to the English cricket player. Ben Stokes was always seen wearing various types of clothing and did not stick to a single style but he always presented himself well nonetheless. 

AB de Villiers

De Villiers was a South African batsman who had an impressive record of having the highest percentage of wins at the ICC World Cup. Being true to the gentlemanly style, De Villiers often wears suits that are well-fitted and presentable. 

There you have it! The world of IPL best team and professional cricket are not just filled with skillful players but also with fashion icons. Cricket has evolved so much that players leave a lasting impression both inside and outside the pitch.