NBA 3-Point Contest Classic: Stephen Curry

NBA 3-Point Contest Classic: Stephen Curry

2015 was the biggest and the best year for the birth of the superstar career of Stephen Curry as his 3-point contest marks it first of his many championships.

The 2015 All-Star game was truly a classic and a historical All-Star game we have ever witnessed as it unveiled the birth of many stars, rivalries, and records that went down into the NBA Book of records — and Stephen Curry is one of the history. In the 2015 3 Point Contest, Curry faced a tough contest with the players in the likes of Kyrie Irving (playing for the Cavs back then), JJ Redick, Marco Belinelli, James Harden, Kyle Korver, and Wesley Matthews — all terrific three-pointers. 

The event followed a conventional two rounds with five racks and all had a money ball included. This was his fourth chance of winning the trophy. Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson heated up the action with both scoring a respective 23 and 24 points. While Portland’s Wesley Matthews puts up a valiant 22 points. To advance in the next round, Stepj must tie Kyrie’s 23 or much better to surpass it. 

Then Curry did the unbelievable as he sank four of the five money balls to score 23 points to tie Kyrie’s scoring and advance through the knockout stage.

Then in the championship round — Steph Curry puts on a fiery shooting clinic as he hits 13 shots in a row, and almost sweeps the money ball rack, putting the live audience and fans into euphoria with his amazing 27 points, surpassing the tired Kyrie Irving who just scored 17 in the same round. 

His Splash Brother Klay Thompson did not perform well despite an early build up from Steph. With this victory of clinching his first 3 Point Contest title, it became a foreshadow to what great things came after — Warriors won their first title in almost 60 years, and Stephen Curry was nominated to win the 2015 NBA MVP.

The said 3 Point Contest was also an act of Stephen Curry to honor the victims of a shooting incident in North Carolina, including the name he wrote on his shoe: Deah Shaddy Barakat

“Obviously, having North Carolina roots, and once I got to know who Deah was as a person, and the stories everybody was telling me, it only seemed right to honor him and his family. And hopefully they know that people are thinking about them, that they are not alone, and hopefully it can give them some kind of peace and comfort knowing that he was a special guy,” Curry said after the 3015 contest and receiving his trophy.

After that historic 2015 season, Stephen Curry went on to break records after records and even led the Golden State Warriors to a 73-9 record in 2015-2016 season and won his second and unanimous NBA MVP. Six years later, in the 2021 All-Star Game, Stephen Curry once again joined the contest and won it with just 1 point ahead of Mike Conley in the finals and registered his name among seven players to win the contest multiple times (2015, 2021).

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