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NBA Updates: 2022 – 23 Schedule date release; Durant-Nets Drama

NBA Updates: 2022 – 23 Schedule date release; Durant-Nets Drama

It’s almost two months since the Golden State Warriors clinched the 2022 NBA Larry O’Brien Trophy over the Boston Celtics in 6 games. The NBA is now enjoying its first full offseason break, following its traditional schedule of NBA season ending during the last week of June. Since the 2022 NBA Finals, there have been key changes, trades, drama, extravagant max contracts, key signings (the notable Jalen Brunson to New York Knicks) and the Durant & Kyrie – Nets saga. You may follow our daily NBA schedules updates here!

NBA Release Dates of 2022-2023 Schedules

Now that the NBA is back to its regular calendar after the series of COVID-19 dilemmas: 2020 NBA Draft held last November 2020, NBA Bubble, and the 2020-21 season with 72 games and none to a limited number of audiences. The NBA is expected to release the 2022-2023 schedule by early to mid-August. According to a report from Marc Stein the expected release may have been pushed back to give ample time for flexibility if some notable star players are traded. You can check NBA livescore here!

The trade rumors of NBA star players like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Donovan Mitchell have needed to move a needle first before the NBA itself decides to release the schedule. The Trade updates regarding star players is necessary for the National telecast of some NBA Games on ESPN/ABC. Think about ESPN telecast NETS games without Kevin Durant next season – they would rather telecast Knicks games only if the Knicks could land Donovan Mitchell.

They could also telecast Miami Heat games on a Christmas game with Kevin Durant playing for the Heat. Those are the reasons why the NBA is still closing all information regarding the release date of schedules – the organization is waiting for Star players to move at least a needle. 

The Durant-Nets Saga

Despite having still no move at all for both sides. Kevin Durant and Brooklyn Nets are still adamant to part ways and find suitable trade. But some teams found the trade luxurious and not ideal in the long run. Given the age of Kevin Durant, but still considered on his peak. The decline of his performance in the last 2022 playoffs against Celtics where he just averaged 26.3 points, 6.3 assist and 5.8 rebounds in 4 games compared to the 2021 playoffs averaged of 34.3 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 4.4 assists in 12 games according to Stat Muse.

This meltdown mainly affected the entire team performance against the Celtics and did not perform from the expectations. After the early exit, there are rumors spreading throughout the NBA scene that Kyrie Irving is forcing his way out of the Brooklyn Nets then followed up by Kevin Durant bullying his way out by demanding the organization of choosing between Head Coach Steve Nash or him (Kevin Durant).

“The ultimatum he made is not what really caused the deterioration. It’s not the ultimatum itself,” the source said, quoted from New York Post. “There are simple things that erode a relationship. You fired someone he was close to and didn’t have a conversation about it,” the source said. The speculation is that the firing of Assistant Coach Adam Harrington triggers Kevin Durant to demand trade. In various sources, the New York Knicks is the only team willing to package their star players and multiple first round draft picks in exchange for 33 years old forward Kevin Durant.

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