Call of Duty League 2024: Exploring the Game Modes

Call of Duty League 2024: Exploring the Game Modes

The Call of Duty League 2024 season has arrived, and fans are cheering for the now upcoming Major II online qualifiers this February 16! Toronto Ultra are made champions in the Major I qualifiers, with an impressive 13-2 map count; a feat that’s worth going into the history books. 

But for those of you new to the COD League, you may be wondering: what game modes helped them conquer the other teams? There are only three game modes available for the Call of Duty League, and we’ll take a closer look at each of them.

Call of Duty League 2024 Game Modes

Call of Duty itself has over a dozen game modes, depending on the version you’re playing. For the Call of Duty League 2024 season, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the base game used.

In Modern Warfare 3, there are:

  • 12 Standard Playlists (three are Call of Duty League 2024 season’s game modes)
  • 8 Advanced Playlists
  • 6 Community Playlists
  • 3 Face-Off Playlists
  • 5 Elite Playlists
  • 4 Alternate Game Modes
  • 3 Special Ops

We’ll be focusing on three of the standard playlists, which are primarily used for the Call of Duty League 2024 season. Here are the game modes:


call of duty league 2024 game mode hardpoint

The team that reaches 250 points first claims victory, or if the game timer hits zero, the team with the highest point tally wins.

In the Call of Duty League, Hardpoint is the most sought-after game mode. It is a battlefield in chaos, and the key to victory is securing the Hardpoint. It’s not just about shooting – it’s about strategy. The goal is simple – reach 250 points or have the most points when time runs out. Teams rush to claim the Hardpoint, earning precious points for every second they hold it.

But here’s the twist—if the enemy enters the zone, it becomes “Contested,” freezing point accumulation until the area is cleared. Every sixty seconds, the action shifts to a new Hardpoint location, giving teams a chance to plan their moves and strategize. With predictable rotations, it’s all about perfecting those tactics and chasing that glory!

Toronto Ultra dominated this mode in their first game against Atlanta FaZe back in Sunday’s (January 28) Major I championship.

Search & Destroy

call of duty league 2024 game mode search and destroy

Either set off or disarm the bomb at one of the two designated locations, or eliminate the opposing enemies to secure victory.

In Search & Destroy, every move counts because there are no respawns—making it one of the most volatile Call of Duty League game modes. It’s a battle of wits and precision. The mission: either detonate or defuse a bomb or wipe out the enemy team. Teams take turns attacking and defending, creating a suspenseful back-and-forth.

Planting the bomb starts a countdown, and the defenders must defuse it in time. Alternatively, wiping out the opposition secures the win. The first team to score six victories takes the match, turning each round into a nail-biting test of teamwork and tactical finesse. Get ready for high-stakes drama and intense gameplay!


call of duty league 2024 game mode search and destroy

Capture or protect two designated zones on the map within a specified time frame, or wipe out all respawns of the opposing team for victory.

Enter Control—a unique mix of Hardpoint and Search & Destroy elements. Teams switch between attacking and defending two zones on the map, each with a pool of 30 lives. Victory comes by capturing both zones, running out the clock, or eliminating the enemy respawns.

The battle unfolds over three rounds, demanding adaptability and strategic thinking. It’s a delicate dance of offense and defense, offering players and viewers a thrilling showcase of skill. Control is all about finding that perfect balance and creating unforgettable moments in the Call of Duty League.

Game Modes Unveiled for COD League 2024 Season

In the world of Call of Duty League, these game modes are the forge where teams shape their destiny. We hope this brief guide has helped new and old lovers of the tournament glimpse the major objectives of each mode. Furthermore, these new insights will surely enhance your experience when you engage in eSports betting on 12BET Esports!