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Exciting Sports Betting Trends to Watch in 2024!

Exciting Sports Betting Trends to Watch in 2024!

The thrill of betting on major sports tournaments never goes away. It can come from your team shooting that goal to the exhilaration that comes with winning a certain type of bet. Whatever the case, you’re probably thinking that it doesn’t get any better than this. But actually, it does! In this article, we’ll talk about all the incredible sports betting trends to date. Swoop in and win those bets by learning the hottest trends that’s setting the sports betting realm on fire.

If you’re ready to amp up your sports betting experience, keep on reading to learn the newest of the new in the industry!

Rise of Online Platforms

Sports Betting Trends - Rise of Online Platforms

One of the sports betting trends that really goes without saying: everything is online now. Sure, traditional, land-based bookies still exist. But these days, bettors often find their money safest in trusted betting platforms. You may be wondering what sets those betting platforms apart from the old-school bookies.

Here’s what:

Online betting platforms are incredibly high-tech. Often, they make use of artificial intelligence to provide more useful insights for bettors. In most cases, game analysis is made easy as AI studies player health, team gameplay patterns, and more!

Furthermore, the convenience of simply placing your bets with just a tap of your phone makes it very enticing to most bettors. Who has the time to pop into your favorite bookies’ place? With one of the biggest sports betting trends, you won’t even need to leave your home to bet on your favorite sports!

More Mobile Betting in Action

In line with the use of online platforms, mobile betting is one of the bigger sports betting trends. Doesn’t matter if it’s regular sports or eSports betting. It’s now all about the exciting combo of convenience, accessibility, and just being able to bet from wherever, whenever. Bettors all over the globe are eating it up!

It’s not just a fad, and bettors don’t see it fading anytime soon. Mobile betting is breaking records left and right for a reason. It’s giving bettors this whole new way to get into betting through sports betting apps. Now, you can even catch live streams and even get into all those stats brought to you by the betting apps themselves. It’s a whole new ball game you should definitely be getting into.

Power of Big Data and Algorithms

Sports Betting Trends - Power of Big Data and Algorithms

You know what’s really driving most of the sports betting trends? It’s the tech scene on data and algorithms. With the rise of AI and other technological advances, punters and betting platforms now rely on these two. These data-driven predictions give punters the lowdown on all player stats, past outcomes, and more.

The best part? Most of these data and algorithms are catered for bettors. Meaning, they’re often personalized to your betting style. So you, as a bettor, don’t have to make any more guesses. These tailored bets got your back and are more likely to get you that much-deserved win!

Innovation in Betting Platforms

Sports Betting Trends - Innovation in Betting Platforms
Visual view of live sports betting—one of the sports betting trends—going on at 12BET’s sportsbook

We’ve talked about online betting platforms, mobile betting apps, and incorporating data and algorithms. But another one of the sports betting trends in line with that is how they’re made interactive. Which is why these days, to elevate the betting experience, platforms have added in cool and inventive features!

Let’s talk about two of the rising sports betting trends for more unique experiences:

  • In-Play Live Betting. It’s basically where you bet while the game is happening! The odds are always shifting based on what’s happening in real time. So this way, you can jump in whenever you spot a good opportunity to place a bet!
  • Social Betting Features. Since everything’s online, platforms are trying to find ways to make it more socially active. In comes features like leaderboards and even chats so you can connect with other bettors during the excitement. You’ll never have to feel lonely while placing your bets: it’s now a social hangout for all sports betting lovers. It’s sports betting with a whole new experience!

Live Streaming

Have you heard of the latest in sports betting trends? It’s all about live streaming technology on betting platforms these days. Not only can you bet real-time, but some punters now add in a nifty feature where you can watch the game live on their very own platforms

No need to hop around different streaming services. You’ve got your betting platform and live game itself all in one place. Plus, with those live data feeds, you’re also getting all the up-to-the-second info. With this particular trend, your betting experience now becomes super dynamic and engaging.

Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Sports Betting Trends - Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR_VR)

This isn’t just something you find in your favorite mobile and computer games! VR and AR are also making waves as one of the sports betting trends to look out for. They’ve made their mark in sports betting, and here’s how:

Virtual and augmented reality makes it feel like you’re at the bleachers of the game itself. There, you can watch the action live and click away on your phone or tablet to place your bets. Practically bringing the game to life right in front of you. You could even personalize the whole experience as a hangout with friends or even dress up there as your favorite sports star. The sky’s the limit with this one, and it’s no surprise it’s taking the sports betting world by storm.

Variety in Currencies

Closing out our guide on the sports betting trends to date is now paying with, you guessed it—crypto. Money knows no borders anymore. Thanks to cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance tools, and virtual currencies, betting has gone global.

And the perks are huge when it comes to online sports betting platforms. We’re talking lightning-fast transactions, top-notch security, and having control of your cash. So, it’s really no wonder everyone’s jumping on the multilateral currency bandwagon. It’s practically the hottest trend in sports betting for 2024.

Plus, it’s all about decentralization. This means cutting out those pesky third parties and giving you, the bettor, more freedom with your bets. Now part of the future of sports betting, it’s only going up from here on out!

What Does 12BET Have Now?

Sports Betting Trends 12BET Covers

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