Sports Betting Podcasts You Should Follow

Sports Betting Podcasts You Should Follow

In the modern era, where radio and cable television are slowly becoming obsolete, podcasts have emerged as the suitable alternative. With the emergence of streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify, they became the hub for sports betting pundits and sharps. Today, there are plenty of sports betting podcasts that have flooded these streaming platforms. 

In this listicle, we will introduce the best sports betting podcasts arranged according to niche. 

General sports betting 

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General sports betting

The Sports Gambling Podcast

Need I say more? You can never go wrong if the podcast’s title itself is, well, about sports gambling. The channel has a good reputation, operating for 12 years and five months since 2011. 

The podcast is run by Ryan Kramer and Sean Green, reputable names in the industry. With a total of 40 years of sports betting experience, their insights on the industry were well accepted. They talk about various topics under the sports betting umbrella, but they focus more on NFL and College Football. 

The Sharp 600

The Sharp 600 podcast is unique in itself because of its content, which lasts just under 600 seconds, which is equivalent to ten minutes. This podcast duration is perfect for sports bettors who are seeking quick information about expert picks and insights.

The podcast is hosted by sports radio host Joe Fortenbough, based in San Francisco. He is also the resident sports analyst of the popular website 


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Even Money

If you are looking for a comprehensive and effective analysis, then Even Money is your best bet. The podcast is hosted by pundit Steve Fezzik of and former NFL linebacker Ross Tucker. 

Even Money covers a wide array of topics about the NFL, including trends, line movements, injuries, and betting advice. The podcast is perfect because their insights came from the combined expertise of a prolific sports bettor and an NFL legend. 

Bet the Board

If you have been scouring the sports betting Reddit space, chances are that you are already familiar with Bet the Board. The podcast is operated by Todd Fuhrman of CBS and Payne of Payne Insider; the latter is deemed one of the world’s most reputable sports betting influencers. 

Bet the Board is a comprehensive guide to football betting tips and strategies, as well as a weekly analysis of the line movement. They often provide insights on which lines are ideal for placing wagers. 


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The Lab

The most reputable podcast for NBA betting fans is The Lab, hosted by experts from ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight. The panel of podcasters is composed of Chris Herring, Neil Paine, and Kyle Wagner. When these boys are on the mic, the podcast will always be a riot, injecting humor into the dry information of sports betting. 

If you are looking for smart yet relatable sports betting advice on the NBA, then The Lab is perfect for you. 

Becoming sharps

Business of Betting

If you are seeking advice on how to become a sharp bettor, the Business of Betting is your best bet. The podcast is hosted by Jason Host, and in every episode, they have guests ranging from psychologists to financial analysts. 

Contrary to most podcasts, The Business of Betting does not tackle a specific sport or betting topic. Instead, they delve deep into the technical and business side of sports betting. If you are looking for advice on how to become an expert in sports betting or just seeking a highly informative sports gambling podcast, then The Business of Betting is perfect for you. 

Behind the Bets

Behind the Bets is a sports betting podcast solely focused on insights on how to become a prolific, sharp bettor. The podcast is hosted by Chad Millman, an assistant editor at ESPN. He talks about all manner of topics related to sports betting and covers a variety of sports. 

When it is NFL season, Millman is joined by Bob Succi, the president of Race and Sports for Boyd Gaming, who presides over 24 gambling properties throughout the United States, including one in Las Vegas. 

The podcast tackles the secrets of fully understanding the betting industry. It also helps you develop the right mindset for a sharp sports bettor. 

Final words

While online articles and videos about sports betting are insightful, they are not convenient when you are on the go. Sports betting podcasts are a perfect way to gorge on betting information while you are in a car on the way to work or jogging on the street. We hope that our compilation helps you develop your sports betting skills.