Cricket Score: Comparing the prize pool of T20, ODI to FIFA World Cup

Cricket Score: Comparing the prize pool of T20, ODI to FIFA World Cup

This year heralds as the year for sports headed by the 2022 T20 World, the ongoing ODI, and the Qatar World Cup. Follow for more cricket score updates!

In this article, we will have a detailed comparison of the prize money between T20, ODI and the FIFA World Cup. The 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar is the most expensive world cup ever, with around $228 billion being used to create new stadiums, new metro, and hotel and accommodations. Last April, FIFA allocated $440 million in prize money. For future Virat Kohli stories, click here!

2022 T20 World Cup and 2019 ODI World Cup Prize pool

Last November 13, England made history in the world of cricket as they successfully clinched their T20 2O22 title over Pakistan. Compared to the FIFA World Cup prize pool, the 2022 T20 allotted only $1.6 million for the winners and $800,000 for the runners up. England beat Pakistan to lift the 2022 T20 World trophy and a top prize money of $1.6 million. Here’s the chart to give you an idea:

STANDING 2022 T20 World Cup 2019 ODI World Cup
Champion $1.6 million $4 million
Runners-up $800,000 $2 million
Semi-finalists N/A $800,000

In the 2019 One Day International World Cup, England the winner received $4 million while the losing side New Zealand received $2 million as a finalist. While the semi-finalist Australia and India received a prize of $800,000 each. The total prize pool allotted in the 2019 ODI World Cup was $10 million and this prize pool looks to increase more in the 2023 ODI World Cup. Cricket, the second most popular sport in the world, gave lucrative numbers for the prize pool in their tournaments. Now, let’s find out the prize pool in the football world cup.

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How much will the winner of the Qatar World Cup receive?

The FIFA Governing body announced last April 2022 that the Qatar World Cup champions will receive a whopping $42 million in prize money. This is a huge increase compared to the last editions of the World Cup. In 2018, France received $38 million as a winner. Prior to 2006, the World Cup winner pocketed just more than $10 million, while the 1982 champions Italy walked away with $2 million for their campaign. On the other side, the football governing body will provide $60 million for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, which is much much higher than the cricket. The major factor of this huge prize was that the FIFA had a 2022 revenue budget of $4.6 billion, with the broadcasting rights set to contribute $2.6 billion alone in profit.

This prize pool can be very helpful and beneficial for each team, especially to those tiny nations that need a budget to improve the infrastructure and pump the developments of football in their home. 

The total prize money of the 2022 FIFA World Cup is set at $440 million: winner will get $42 million (which is way-way higher than England received in 2019 ODI World Cup), runners-up will receive $30 million, and the third palace will be awarded with $27 million. Here’s the full chart of $440 million prize money for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar:

PLACE/Standing Prize Money
Champion $42,000,000
Runners-up $30,000,000
Third Place $27,000,000
Fourth Place $25,000,000
5th – 8th Place $17,000,000
9th – 16th Place $13,000,000
17th – 32nd Place $9,000,000

Only one thing is sure, the cricket is also on the rise and on move to set lucrative prizes for the participants of their tournaments and make it is a great leap by getting an inspiration in this 2022 FIFA World Cup to captivate the attention of the world and provide same exposure and treatment for cricket that the football has greatly experiencing.

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