NBA released 22/23 schedule; Lebron $97M contract extension; Lakers vs. Warriors on opening night!

NBA released 22/23 schedule; Lebron $97M contract extension; Lakers vs. Warriors on opening night!

The NBA announced the 2022 – 2023 season schedule yesterday, Aug 18. With the announcement of NBA full schedules are also the announcement of national telecast games on ESPN, TNT, NBA TV, ABC, and ESPN radio for the regular season games. The preseason tournament will start on September 30 between Warriors and Wizards and conclude on October 15 between Kings and Lakers. You can follow us here for more NBA schedule updates.

The release of the NBA schedules creates excitement throughout the NBA world as there are still rumors circulating around the industry including the Kevin Durant – Nets saga and Donovan Mitchell situation in UTAH with the possible trade route to New York Knicks. On the same day of the announcement of the NBA full schedule is the signing of Lebron of two-year $97M contract extension with the Lakers. 

The 77th NBA season is the second season of the NBA following its traditional 82 games after the Nba 2020-2021 season of 72 games per team due to Covid-19 pandemic that started late from December 22, 2020 – May 16, 2021. The NBA is in its second year of having season openers held in the second to third week of October (18th October) and ends between first or second week of April (9th April), following its traditional calendar. 

Lebron vs. Steph on the Opening Night

The league gave us, the fans, an exciting season opener with the clash between two elite teams and two future Hall of Fame players in Lakers/Lebron versus Warriors/Steph. The opening night for Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors is a very special night as it will also serve as the championship ring ceremony – as the all star trio in Steph, Draymond, and Klay Thompson will be collecting their fourth championship rings in seven years after winning its first title way back 2015.  

Similar to Steph Curry’s number of titles, Lebron James also had four titles in his hands throughout his 19 year career. The match between these two on the opening night is the indication of a race for a fifth title. In roster depth and chemistry, the Warriors have the upper hand over the Lakers. Due to Warriors fantastic playoff runs last season, the team carries more experience and chemistry despite losing some key players in Gary Payton II and Nemanja Bjelica.

The chemistry is still intact as they kept the services of their notable young stars in Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole. Unless, the Lakers pull a surprise and get the service of Kyrie Irving, a reunion battle  with Steph, Klay, and Draymond could be a must-see tv and will be considered to be a most frenzied and exciting atmosphere with the stake of being considered as the greatest  season opening NBA match in history, only if Lakers get Kyrie Irving’s service.

Lebron signs a $97M contract extension with the Lakers.

According to CBS columnist Bill Reiter, the signing of Lebron James to a lucrative two year contract extension with the Lakers is more about winning and winning only – with the aim of ending the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) discussion with Michael Jordan. But the contract extensions, that will reach until 2024, the year his son Bronny will enter the NBA Draft, is more likely a personal over professional ambition of winning another one or two championship at best. Lebron James is not just a player, but a brand now.  The Los Angeles area is a great hotspot for Lebron to create remarkable latter seasons – to win the minds and hearts of many. Sure, winning two championships is already impossible for the King.

But, staying with the Lakers is a smart decision as the organization has the x-factor and privileges of helping star players like the King himself, Lebron James leaves a remarkable career that will shape the path and motivations to incoming and aspiring NBA players. Being with the row of all-time Laker in the likes of Magic. Kareem. Shaq. and Kobe will be a huge factor to win the GOAT discussion on Lebron’s side, ending his career on a positive high note by chasing Kareem’s all-time leading scorer who is just 1, 326 points away. 

Chasing Kareem’s record is more realistic than winning the fifth or sixth championship tying Michael Jordan into championship numbers.  So, breaking all-time leading scorer as a Laker might be a better choice than ever for Lebron’s GOAT career discussion.

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