Nets demolished injured-Warriors

Nets demolished injured-Warriors

Brooklyn Nets continued their winning streak by making first-half history as they completely demolished the Golden State Warriors. For NBA injuries updates here!

Kevin Durant scored 23 points to lead Brooklyn Nets to rumble the injured-Warriors on their 143-113 victory, including the 91-point historic first-half. Nine players from the twelve players who entered the game for Brooklyn scored double-digits. On the other hand, Warriors struggled despite having a big game from the second their second overall pick James Wiseman scoring 30 points to go along with six rebounds, while Moses moody stretched his hot shooting with 17 points despite an embarrassing loss. For the 2022 NBA Mock draft click here!

Head coach Jacque Vaughn didn’t notice that his squad had made history to produce the best first-half scoring in history. “That’s what happens when you come to work and you’re ready to work from the beginning,” he said in an interview. 

So far this season, the Golden State Warriors struggled a lot and this is the worst campaign of Warriors since the 2014-2015 season under the guidance of Coach Steve Kerr. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Andre Wiggins all sidelined due to injury and it derailed the Warriors scoring aspect. Stephen Curry sustained a shoulder injury and there’s no clearance on when he will be back, while Andrew Wiggins is expected to play before the Christmas game. 

“It’s the Warriors,” Durant told reporters after the game. “You always respect them no matter who’s on the floor. They have a championship system and championship players.” Brooklyn is now on the seven-game winning streak and currently sitting on fourth seed in the East with a 20-12 record lagging just just two wins behind Cleveland Cavaliers. 

This game between Brooklyn and Golden State is considered a remarkable performance. No players on both teams finished with more than 30 points — Nets high scorer is Durant with 23 while eight other players scored double-digits which is quite balanced and provides an indication that Nets are now playing a more passing/ball-movement team. If Nets remained consistent and continued this kind of basketball, even when Kyrie is back on the court – they will have a real shot to the NBA Finals or to the championship, which shortly missed back in the 2021 playoffs. They have won 10 of their last 11 games, which is quite impressive having this long series of victories after an early on= and 0ff-court dramas with their former coach Steve Nash. 

Meanwhile, Golden State Warriors have been struggling so far this season and they are not living up to expectation and to a championship caliber. From the big trio of Warriors, Draymond Green remained on the action and he also struggled the same fate – getting back to his usual triple-single stat sheet. Now, with Warriors having a horrendous 15-17 record they are sitting out of Top 10 in the Western Conference – so far the favor is in Brooklyn Nets and Durant is likely to take advantage of that to seal the spot for the playoffs and build for another championship run. 

Coach Steve Kerr admits that team really dealing with shortcomings this season, added with Curry, Thompson, and Wiggins injury the team will sure have a long way to defend their title, but still Kerr had a high praise to Brooklyn and hoping that he will once again see Durant wearing national team jersey with him in the 2024 Olympic. “That would be nice,” he said. “I mean, he’s been dominant with Team USA and like I said, he’s a guy who just loves to play. So we’re hoping he decides to keep going.”

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