NBA All Star Legend: Kobe Bryant Part 2

NBA All Star Legend: Kobe Bryant Part 2

Also known as the Black Mamba of the NBA, Kobe Bryant hailed as the second coming of Michael Jordan, an adopted son of Los Angeles.

Here, we will have part two of Kobe Bryant’s NBA All star legacy between 2009-2016 appearance of the great Lakers shooting guard who curved the path to the next star’s league by establishing five championships, NBA MVP, historic records, and his impressive all-star game campaigns.

2009 All Star Game – Shaq and Mamba reunification

The one of the most unstoppable trios reunited in this All-Star Game after half a decade. Kobe Bryant was nominated as an All-Star starter, while the former Laker Head Coach Phil Jackson was coaching the West and Shaquille O’Neal, was having his resurrection of his career in Phoenix, voted as a West reserve. Bryant scored 27 points to lead all all-star scorers, while O’Neal saw a limited minutes of actions and scored 17 points to put West dominate the East in this All-Star game. Both shared MVPs, reconciled and happy for each other.

2011 All-Star Game – The King of Los Angeles is back!

After sitting out the 2010 All-Star game due to injury, he later won the 2010 Championship over their rival Boston Celtics and won Finals MVP. He led the 2011 All-Star voting and again produced an unforgettable performance in front of his home crowd in Los Angeles. He finished the game with a career-high 37 points in the All-Star game, accompanied by 10 offensive rebounds all the way to earning his fourth All-Star Game MVP.

2012 All-Star Game – The Masked Black Mamba resurged!

This is one of the most memorable NBA All star game ever, with Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant brought back the old school competitiveness in this midseason exhibition, and the Mamba finessed his way to victory – Kobe drove past Wade, but the Heat all-star guard didn’t let him pass for an easy basket, fouling him so hard that the Lakers guard broke his nose. Mamba continued to play despite the injury, he wore a black mask and finished with 27 points. 

2013 All-Star Game – The Icon of the NBA

In this Exhibition game in Houston, Bryant produced a less than stellar performance but still paid the respect he got after being, once again, the top player for the most votes, as he helped the West side win the game and registered eight assists to help Kevin Durant clinched first All Star MVP.

2014 All-Star Game – Injury hindered the Black Mamba

In the 2013-2014 seasons, Kobe suffered an injury after tearing his Achilles tendon and that created a huge question on whether the 18-year vet could get back to his peak. But when he got back, he still produced great numbers but ultimately ended due to his bulky knee. Despite that, he was still voted in for the All-Star game and was replaced by Anthony Davis.

2015 All-Star Game – History has been broken

Bryant underwent knee surgery and came back immediately to put impressive outputs despite being 36 years-old. Kobe Bryant was averaging 22.3 points, 5.7 rebounds and 5.6 assists per game, earning him a record 17th consecutive All-Star selection thanks to the fan vote. He would be replaced by DeMarcus Cousins on the West roster after tearing his rotator cuff that ended his campaign for the rest of the season.

2016 All-Star Game – Mamba Out!

When Bryant announced his retirement in early November 2015, he didn’t expect a farewell tour with endless tributes and MVP chants across all 30 arenas. The NBA fans around the world showered him with appreciation by voting him into the NBA All-Star game. He contributed 10 points and seven assists to the West’s 196-173 win before getting a standing ovation from the whole fans in Toronto.

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