2023 NBA All-Star Focus: 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

2023 NBA All-Star Focus: 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

The 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest is considered the classic and one of the best ever. Here is the in-depth look back of this classic slam dunk contest.

The duel of the two best dunkers in the NBA with Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon provided a one of the greatest show in NBA All-Star Weekend history. The marathon of intense, creative, and insane package dunks from two ballers went down into double-overtime, with the edge of lifting the trophy was given to Zach Lavine. Follow us for upcoming fresh stories and updates about NBA Allstar 2023 here.

The 2016 edition outperformed and made the case for the best Slam Dunk competition in history with Michael Jordan against Dominique Wilkins in 1998, and the Vince Carter Show in 2000. 

Summary: Gordon versus Lavine Final Round

Gordon’s dunk: 50

Aaron Gordon used the Orlando Magic mascot, “Stuff”, standing on the hoverboard while holding the ball. He used his finger to signal Stuff to start spinning. At that time, this was unreal and a difficult dunk to execute. Gordon runs and then scoop the ball mid-air and slam it down while touching the back of his head. He made this slam dunk while the mascot was spinning. A flawless 50.

Lavine’s dunk: 50

Zach Lavine is known for his behind-the-back, and between-the-legs dunk. He used a new twist on his behind-the-back dunk by bouncing the ball first then catching it mid air to perform a behind-the-back dunk. This is a real rivalry between Gordon and Lavine.

Gordon’s dunk: 50

In his second dunk, Gordon used a between-the-leg dunk but he placed the ball at the head of the mascot. He uses gravity to push his legs high in order to get the ball and sit-down mid air. When Kenny Smith saw the dunk, he simply said “Let’s go home.”

Lavine’s dunk: 50

Lavine’s second dunk was also impressive and uses his creativity to get the perfect score.He attacks the basket and lobs himself from a similar angle – doing a between-the-legs mid air. He uses his weight to float – like in the mid-air

Gordon’s dunk: 47

This is where Gordon met his fate of losing this competition to Lavine. Gordon gets the 47 as he performs a backscratcher dunk, bringing the ball down between your legs before pumping it up for the two-handed reverse jam. However three judges out of five were not amazed which gave Gordon 9 points.

Lavine’s dunk: 50 (Champion)

Zach Lavine took the opportunity and the advantage as he used another free-throw line slam dunk. However this time, he performed a between-the-legs then tomahawks with empathic dunk. This gave Zach Lavine an easy 50 points for representing you in many grand tournaments.

The performance of the two players are both well-deserving and considered both of them as the 2016 Slam Dunk contest champion

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