World Cup 2022: UK Public Survey back Qatar worker’s fund amnesty

World Cup 2022: UK Public Survey back Qatar worker’s fund amnesty

According to the survey done by YouGov, the population of UK Adults and across the world supports the use of FIFA revenue on the World Cup 2022 to compensate the migrant workers who experienced oppression and inequality under bad labor force during the World Cup preparations. 

According to a report, it is estimated that 30,000 migrant workers have been deployed and used to build seven stadiums, new airports, and new roads for World Cup finals. However, there are a lot of human rights abuses reports that have been filed since 2010 that show that hundreds of thousands of migrant workers experience abuses during the preparation of FIFA World Cup 2022, building infrastructures. 

For Steve Cockburn, Amnesty International’s head of economic and social justice, FIFA and Qatar must at least provide a new solution and measures to step up and to show to the world that FIFA is not just a world tournament but also a worldwide platform of awareness on equality and human rights. “Across the globe, people are united in their desire to see Fifa step up and make amends for the suffering endured by migrant workers in Qatar. They also want to see their national associations take a much firmer stance., he stated. “The past cannot be undone, but a compensation programme is a clear and simple way that Fifa and Qatar can provide at least some measure of redress to the hundreds of thousands of workers who made this tournament possible.”

The survey is done by over 17,000 respondents who have joined across the world and 73% agreed that World Cup revenue must be used for compensation on Migrant workers suffering from Human rights abuses. In the UK alone, there were a total of 74 % backed up the idea within 2,183 UK Adult correspondents. 

In other World Cup news, FIFA junks Chile’s appeal about Ecuador player Castillo’s nationality and eligibility to play in the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. FIFA governing bodies have dismissed the argument of Chile to disqualify Ecuador in the FIFA World Cup 2022 as Byron Castillo was actually a Colombian and ineligible to play for the Ecuador National team in the World Cup qualifying. Catillo played 8 World Cup qualifier games for Ecuador. 

FIFA Appeal Committee argues that under FIFA’s legal statutes that a national team is eligible if a government state grants citizenship to a player. “Any person holding a permanent nationality that is not dependent on residence in a certain country is eligible to play for the representative teams of the association of that country,” according to the statutes. 

Jorge Yunge, the General secretary of the Chilean Football Federation said that these are the darkest days in football and the system’s credibility. “The footballing world heard a player who helped Ecuador qualify for the FIFA World Cup admit he was born in Colombia and that he gained an Ecuadorian passport using false information. No wonder he refused to participate in the FIFA hearing. What does it say about [the] appeal committee that, confronted with all this, still they fail to act?” 

Chile claimed that they have very clear evidence on Castillo’s ineligibility status playing for Ecuador, as he is actually a Colombian. Attorney Eduardo Carlezzo, lawyer of the Chilean Football Federation expresses his disappointment over these injustices done by FIFA. 

“There are a huge number of documents that, alone, prove without any reasonable doubt that the player was born in Colombia. In addition to that, everyone heard his confession, given during an official investigation carried by the Ecuadorian Federation. Furthermore, the player joked with the system by not attending a hearing and nothing of that produced any effect. What else is needed?” Atty. Carlezzo said in a sports news outlet.

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