World Cup 2022 Mania: Things to Expect from team Brazil

World Cup 2022 Mania: Things to Expect from team Brazil

The FIFA World Cup is just a week away from kicking off and the most favorite team to win, Brazil, is on the mission. Follow for World Cup 2022 news here!

An overwhelming belief and votes that this will be the year for Brazil to win their sixth World Cup crown after their 20 year drought. Brazil announced the final string 26-man lineup led by the Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar Jr. Brazil surely have a solid and stacked attacking line-up that could lead the team all the way to their World Cup trophy. From the 26 man line-up, twenty-two players are currently playing in Europe with 12 representatives from the English Premier League. Despite this being a stacked lineup, could it be enough for Brazil to make their dream of lifting the World Cup trophy to happen? Here are the things you can expect from Brazil World Cup 2022 team:

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Brazil potential starting XI is a balance force of veterans and youngsters

The Brazil team will have a bunch of international football veterans that will likely be an advantage for the team to dominate their Group stage over Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon. The likes of Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Alex Telles, Vinicius Jr, Raphinha, Danilo, Casemiro, Fred, Neymar Jr, and Richarlison will banner the starting XI. The 38 year-old Thiago Silva is still likely to be the favorite starting center-back and the captain of the national squad. Sevilla’s left-back Alex Telles will likely be the starting left-back, but the 29 year-old had a problem on the defensive end. While the 28 year-old Marquinhos will be a center-back of Silva. Eder Militao will be a substitute as he could be used as right-back that could be a huge help to inject some pace at the backline. Danilo and Dani Alves are considered as the right-backs of the squad. The 21 year-old could easily be the starting right-back and Davi Alves will sit as a substitute. This is an ideal line-up for Tite, since Brazil will need some strong pace, energy, and concise output which is usually produced by the younger ones. On the other hand, Alves, 39, could be a strong support and role player for Brazil as he will banner his international experiences

Potential Starting XI

Thiago Silva (center-back), Alex Teller (left-back). Marquinhos (center-back), Danilo (right-back). Casemiro (midfielder), Fred (midfielder), Neymar Jr (forward), Raphinha (forward), Richarlison (Forward).

Brazil can count on Neymar Jr.

Brazil’s best player is still Neymar as he is just two goals away from tying the record of Pele’s Brazil all-time top scorer. He already established himself as the reliable and first option of the team when he helped Brazil to capture the gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic over their rival Germany. However, the Paris Saint-Germain superstar hinted that this might be his last World Cup stint for Brazil as probably he will not be liked by the next coach of Brazil. The 30 year-old, once known for his fancy dribbling ability and aggressive attack, is now known for being a mature player, with a talented supporting cast on the team, this might be the chance for the No.10 to lead Team Brazil for the World Cup trophy and leave his comedy theatrical attitudes behind.

Tite’s 4-2-3-1 Formation

Brazil is really known for their reckless-aggressive attacks with fancy abilities that could really give fans and hundreds of thousands of watchers leaves in awe. With the volume of attackers on the line up, the 4-2-3-1 formation appears to be the best formation of the team that they can use in their World Cup campaign. The combo-midfielders of Casemiro and Fred are enough to provide a great wall for attacking players in front. Currently, the main threat of the team in the offensive ends is Tottenham’s Richarlison who already netted eight goals in his last six international appearances. If he recovers his condition, Neymar will have a reliable back-up to jump-star Brazil’s machine on the way to the World Cup trophy.

Brazil reached the last eight from the last two editions of the World Cup but never made it beyond the semi-finals since they last captured the trophy in 2002. So despite the odds favoring Brazil, there are still chances or probabilities that they will suffer another upset in the knockout round.

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