World Cup 2022 Final: Best Moments to remember

World Cup 2022 Final: Best Moments to remember

The most prestigious football event in the World has ended with historic feats and events to remember for a lifetime. Follow for more World Cup 2022 news here!

The FIFA World Cup 2022 will go down as one of the unforgettable World Cup ever as it produces history after history – from Morocco being the first Arab and African team reach the final four, France breaking the champions curse, and Messi and Argentina clinching the World Cup crown, taking it south America continent for the first time in 20 years. Here are the best moments to remember in this Qatar 2022 finals.

Lionel Messi and Argentina fulfilled their promise!

This Qatar 2022 was full of upside down for La Albiceleste, they got upset by Saudi Arabia and then went on a total rampage, winning sixth straight games to take home their promises of winning the World Cup trophy. Messi took his football resume to another level, winning his first World Cup and claiming his Golden Ball Award.

Recently, after their victory at the finals, Messi said that he will continue to represent Argentina in many international tournaments and he is not planning for retirement as he wanted to feel the ecstasy and euphoria of celebrating the victory and the beauty of football.

Croatia ended their campaign on a winning note!

The battle for third place between Croatia and Morocco is also goes down as one-hell of a match, Croatia getting their revenge during the group stage campaign which ended in the most convincing way, beating Morocco 2-1 amd giving Modric an ending he deserved — which is winning a medal on their second consecutive appearances at the last four. This is also their second medal finish, the first was in 1998.

Kylian Mbappe made a hat-trick in the World Cup finals

The French Phenom did not let his team loss like that, the 24 year-old carried his team and did everything he could in order to keep France alive through the 12o minutes, he scored a hat-trick that gave Argentina an almost heart attack, he sends France to a penalty shootout and a chance to win it back for the Les Bleus. However, the team melted down in the penalty shootout and his effort went in vain as he failed to win back-to-back World Cup before the age of 24. One thing is certain, France can rely on Mbappe and they have a bright future to look forward to, with more World Cup memories, international victories and goals to celebrate that will surely cement the future legendary career of Mbappe.

Morocco lost their last two games, ending their fantastic run!

Despite these two consecutive defeats at the last four, Morocco is still very optimistic about the bright future of their football. They are now considered as one of the contenders in the World stage, beating European teams and becoming part of the Top Four in the World. Coach Regragui, in spite of his disappointments and frustrations he believes that his players gave everything they have to revolutionize the game, and he will be honing the future generations of Moroccan footballers to become Atlas Lions and winning the World Cup tournament someday in the near future.

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