World Cup 2022: England Harry Kane will wear OneLove armband

World Cup 2022: England Harry Kane will wear OneLove armband

The FA announced that England will wear a rainbow captain’s armband in Qatar World Cup 2022 as part of an anti-discrimination initiative.

FA prepares for the possible punishment from FIFA for wearing OneLove Armband in FIFA World Cup 2022. The game’s global governing body has yet to give approval to the captains of nine European nations which includes England and Wales, to wear the OneLove armbands as a protest and support for the LGBTQIA+ community against the country where same-sex relationships are criminalised.

In a twitter post from @England where a photo of Harry Kane wearing uniform kit with an armband of OneLove with the caption, “We are uniting with nine other European countries in support of OneLove, a campaign that will use the power of football to promote inclusion and send a message against discrimination.” 

There are also various reports that some European countries are also preparing to defy FIFA and wear the OneLove if the governing body refused the approval. The armband will be worn throughout the international season and not just in the World Cup. 

England Boss Gareth Southgate has things to say on how Qatar is badly hosting the world cup, “There is not a lot more the players in particular can do other than talk about those issues and put them on the table because in the end, we are asking for change in a country we are respectful of, has made progress, but don’t have any control over,” he told from a news outlet

“We’ve done a lot of research, the FA have had countless meetings with NGOs, migrant workers in Qatar, they’ve gathered all the information and requests of people affected. There’s a limit to what can be achieved.”

“There will always be criticism, whatever you do but we’re trying to affect the areas we’ve been asked to affect. Unless other ideas come forward and other requests that we think are suitable are on the table, then it’s difficult to do more than we’ve been asked.”

Recently, the FIFA World Cup was also in the hot seat after a result in an opinion poll done by Amnesty International USA where it shows that abuses done to migrant workers while preparing for the FIFA World Cup deserves compensation for illegal fees, stolens wages, and lost lives. 

The working group also pushes FIFA to take some actions and to follow through an assurance to give enough regarding measures to support Qatar’s migrant workers. The surveys done by Human rights groups highlighted the history of abuses and power tripping over migrant workers during the building of infrastructures for the World Cup since Qatar awarded the hosting rights way back in 2010. Amnesty International are calling for FIFA to release $400 million – which equals the World Cup pot money, as a support for the workers and their families. 

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