World Cup 2022: Australian players rebuke Qatar’s human rights abuses

World Cup 2022: Australian players rebuke Qatar’s human rights abuses

The Socceroos released a video addressing the Qatar’s migrant workers abuses and unfair treatment of homosexuality. Follow for more world cup 2022 updates.

Football Australia highlighted in the separate statement and video about the “suffering” felt by the migrant workers and their families majorly caused by the preparation for the tournament. The video featured 16 Australian players addresses and calls for “effective remedy” or reparations for migrant workers and an equal right through decriminalization of same-sex relationship. This video released by Football Australia became a pivotal protest for Qatar’s credibility of hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022. Some teams who also qualified for the prestigious tournament also called out Qatar’s history of human rights violations like England and Harry Kane, Germany, and many more.

Qatar’s tournament officials commend the Australian players voicing their views to the public.

“We commend footballers using their platforms to raise awareness for important matters,” said by the spokesperson for Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery 7 Legacy (SC).

“We have committed every effort to ensure that this World Cup has had a transformative impact on improving lives, especially for those involved in constructing the competition and non-competition venues we’re responsible for.

“Protecting the health, safety, security, and dignity of every worker contributing to this World Cup is our priority.”

“This is achieved through our commitment to holding contractors accountable via our worker welfare standards, continuous work on enhancing health and safety practices, creating and developing worker representation forums in collaboration with international unions and experts, robust auditing that includes an independent third party monitor, working with contractors to ensure workers who paid recruitment fees are entitled to repayment, and ensuring that these policies lead to a change in work culture that lasts far beyond 2022,” a statement released by Qatar’s Supreme Committee following the protest video of Socceroos.

The upcoming 2022 World Cup will begin on November 20 and will conclude on December 18 – marred with controversies and issues since Qatar was awarded the hosting rights twelve years ago. 

“We acknowledge the significant progress and legislative reforms that have occurred in Qatar over recent years to recognize and protect the rights of workers, and we encourage all stakeholders to continue this path to reform,” Football Australia addressed in a statement.

“However, we also learned that the tournament has been associated with suffering for some migrant workers and their families and this cannot be ignored.”

Football Australia briefly highlights in a three minutes video that “Everyone should feel safe” as this Football World Cup is the most highly anticipated tournament across all sports and it was natural for teams and players that will participate in this tournament to voiced out their opinions and call out the wrongdoings and mistakes of the host by doing reparations and reconciliation in order to make this tournament for everyone and for a greater cause. 

The Qatar government spent a whopping $470 billion on construction to build stadiums since 2010, and also led to an unimaginable and unthinkable number of deaths, estimated to 6500 construction workers.

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