Soccer Teams: Filipinas fall to Costa Rica in friendly match

Soccer Teams: Filipinas fall to Costa Rica in friendly match

The Philippine Women’s football team failed to contain the lead as they crashed in the second half on Costa Rica’s comeback. For more soccer teams news here!

Filipinas had an impressive first half of the match by dominating Costa Rica on both attacks and defense. Carleigh Frilles gave the Philippine squad a 1-0 lead with a fantastic pass from Bella Flanigan to surpass Costa Rica’s Daniela Solera. Visit us for future Olympic soccer stories here!

But the party ended in the first half as Costa Rica crashed the party and took the momentum on their side in the second half. Costa Rica’s Raquel Rodriguez blew a powerful penalty shot to the low left side of the goal as Olivia McDaniel could not deny the attack. With only seven minutes after the penalty, Gloriana Villalobos gave Costa Rica the lead in the 68th minute via a wide-open long shot from the left wing to pass McDaniel. 

Filipinas had a chance to level the game as Cowart had a chance in her hands to orce the draw but was denied by Solera to end the chasing mode of the Filipinas. 

The last time Filipinas met Costa Rica was also tight. Filipinas salvaged a draw with Katrina Guillou scored a final kick to end the game with a scoreline of 1-1. Now, Costa Rica took on the inexperience of the Filipinas squad in the international stage in the second half. The handball violation done by Lixy Rodriguez that led to a penalty almost gave a 2-0 lead for Filipinas and Tahnai Annis’ blow that hit the post and was controlled by Costa Rica.

Lixy Rodriguez of Costa Rica started the comeback as she powered an equalizer past Olivia McDaniel, who despite predicted where the attacker would go but could not handle the force. The Filipinas doubled the defense and added more pressure to the offense of Costa Rica, but they left Villalobos who released a strike that curled past mcDaniel to seal the victory on the Costa Rican side and complete the comeback.

The two tune-up games against Costa Rica and the Filipinas training camp in Central wrapped up with one draw and one defeat. This training camp is part of their preparation for next year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup. 

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