Soccer Sports: Bayern routed Barcelona to clinch second win at Champions League 2022 – 2023

Soccer Sports: Bayern routed Barcelona to clinch second win at Champions League 2022 – 2023

FC Barcelona suffered an embarrassing loss at the hands of Bayern Munich. Lewandowski’s return ended with a bitter result. Follow us here for more soccer sports!

The matchday 2 of UEFA Champions League group stage group stage led us to very unpredictable yet entertaining matches as both Spanish clubs FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid suffered a devastating loss at the German’s soil. Leverkusen defeat Atletico Madrid 2-0 while Bayern Munich oust FC Barcelona with the similar scoreline 2-0.  You can catch some of the actions of soccer on TV today.

A sweet victory for Bayern; A painful defeat for Barca. 

Xavi Rue expressed his frustration after a painful loss of the La Liga side over Bayern Munich and highlighted it to the reporters as a “backward step” on their side. 

Bayern Munich struggled in the first half as the Spanish side dominated the first 45 minutes but did not make any successful translation to goals as the Barca players continued attacking the side of Bayern Munich, led by a series of attempts from Lewandowski. Thanks to Bayern’s collective effort on the defensive ends to retain the game scoreless coming out from the intense and back-and-forth attacks in the first half. Despite the warm welcome of Bayern fans to Lewandowski, it did not bring an advantage on the former Bayern hero as he gradually missed opportunities after opportunities, shots that he usually translated to a goal easily on every occasion. 

Barca midfielder Pedri said after the game “Our first half display merited much more than 0-0 at halftime, but of course, if you fail to put chances away against a big rival like Bayern, you’ll end up paying.”

The second half of the match was shockingly turning the sides on the home squad, as Lucas Hernandez and Leroy Sane both scored a goal within just 5 minutes during the 50th and 54th to seal the victory on Bayern’s side. Those two consecutive goals provided a much needed energy and confidence for Bayern to hold on to this game and rout the mighty Spanish club. But the Bayern Winger is not satisfied with his performance despite scoring the winning goal on their side.

Today it was okay, I scored a goal, but in the end I can play better than today. In the first half, the offense didn’t help the defense very much, we didn’t free ourselves well and didn’t hold the balls and didn’t play courageously enough either,” Sané said. He also emphasized that Lewandowski did not get many good looks at the net goal. “We can be happy that he didn’t hit the ball so well today. But we know about his qualities, we shouldn’t really give him this space in the next game. He usually cleans them up.” 

Bayern mentor Julian Nagelsmann admitted that the visiting Barcelona was better during the first half after getting many touches and good looks on the net, the Bayern mentor thinks that this game will be dominated by FC Barcelona and Lewandowski will use his experience to beat the home squad. But the second for Bayern Munich became better as they sank two goals, thanks to Hernandez and Sane, the efficiency skyrocketed to gain the upper hands of the match and clinched the sweet second win of the group stage, while Barcelona had to taste their first bitter loss in the of UEFA Champions League 2022-2023.

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