Soccer On TV: BYU Fans throw racial slurs at USC players

Soccer On TV: BYU Fans throw racial slurs at USC players

The USC Women’s soccer team experienced racial abuse towards BYU fans. Follow us for more soccer on tv news and updates here!

There were reports about the racial abuse committed by BYU fans during the women’s soccer match against University of Southern California. Last year, BYU fans threw a direct racial slur after USC players kneeled during the national anthem before the matchup at BYU. 

The USC players said BYU fans chanted. “Stand up, n****” in retaliation to a BYU player kneeling during the national anthem of the game last August 26, 2021. You may follow us, as we will produce future articles and reviews on soccer ball here!

This last Friday, a report in the Guardian that five soccer players from the visiting team tol the news outlet that they heard the n-word directed at them and their teammates from the crowd. 

Jon McBride, associate director for communications and media strategy at BYU, told USA TODAY Sports responds to the alleged racial abuse, “The Guardian’s inquiry is the first time we heard this specific concern. The night of the match, which occurred over a year ago, BUY responded to a concern from a visiting coach about fan reaction when the visiting players knelt during the national anthem.”

“A public announcement, similar to one made earlier, reminding fans to be respectful was repeated, and the game proceeded. We are not aware of any additional concerts being brought up during the game or any time thereafter. BYU will not tolerate racism in any form.”

The investigation about the alleged racial abuse on the USC – BYU women’s soccer match is still ongoing and Gloria Nevarez told USA TODAY Sports that BYU is currently looking into the incident with the same level of diligence. Reviewing the findings and of the WCC’s investigation is ensuring the safe and secure environment for all people, regardless of race or the color of the skin.

Benfica – PSG draw; Messi scores incredible goal

The Matchday 3 of 6 of the UCL Soccer led us to a very entertaining match between Benfica and Paris Saint Germain. Lionel Messi’s unbelievable curling goal.

The opening 22 minutes of the match led us to a very entertaining and thrilling game in Portugal as Lionel Messi opened the showdown with an emphatic curling shot after a superb interplay with Neymar and Kylian.

Before the first half ended, Benfica had a chance to level the game when Danilo Periera turned the defense of Danilo Fernandez’s defense as crossing to his own net. PSG 1 – Benfica 1. Neymar tried to hit the woodwork in the 49th minute with a bicycle kick and had a long-range free kick to lift PSG but was saved by Benfica keeper Odysseas Vlachodimos.

After that stunning game from both teams, PSG still takes the top spot with seven points and a record 2 Wins and 1 Draw tied with the second placer SL Benfica who also gained seven points. During the final 10 – 15 minutes of the match, Lionel Messi was substituted in the 81st minute. Christophe Galtier explained that the change for Pablo Sarabia only took place because Messi was tired.

“He signaled that he wanted to come off. In the final sprint, he felt tired. He came off as he was tired and a fresher teammate was a much better option at that moment,” Galtier said to a Sports news outlet after the game.

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