Soccer Net: France swatted Poland to booked quarterfinals with England

Soccer Net: France swatted Poland to booked quarterfinals with England

Kylian Mbappe led Les Blues to demolish Poland and booked a quarterfinal clash with England. Lewandowski gets consolation. Follow for more soccer net news here!

The defense for the World Cup title continues as France down Lewandowski and Poland 3-1 at Al-Thumama Stadium. Olivier Giroud made history as he became France’s all-time top scorer with 52 while Robert Lewandowski left France by ensuring the French side had conceded in each game in Qatar with his late penalty kick. For free soccer predictions for the 2022 World Cup fixtures here!

Mbappe rampaged Poland in the second half as he registered his goal at the 74th minute before capping off the game in the 91st minute with an emphatic curling strike into the corner – this is Mbappe’s fifth goal so far in the tournament. 

The first half was a bit stagnant as both teams were strictly careful on their every possession. Poland are very patient and eager to never allow France to run riot and make France commit huge mistakes in the first forty-five minutes which causes delay and stagnation on the French’s offense – limiting Les blues goal scoring chances. Despite that, France remained efficient and relevant throughout the first half, which led to a goal by Giroud and up France 1-0 to end the first half. 

France really deserved the win, because despite being limited by possessions and chances the team remained efficient and looked more threatening whenever they got the chance to go near the goal post. 

Second half remains for Czaslaw Michiniewicz’s side as they are still displaying solid defense. However, this tactic can be easily knocked down if an opponent is quick and slick. And that’s what France did, they excelled and doubled the offensive effort which Poland failed to catch up. Mbappe immediately scored a 74th minute goal that killed Poland’s chance for the quarter finals. 

“It was not easy as this Polish side was very well set up,: Deschamps said after the game. “We alway have this ability to find a way , with Kylian, he has the ability to solve many issues which is great for us. We have been united since the start and obviously reaching the quarterfinals is very good. Our joy is shared. We have a bit more time now so they will spend some time with our loved ones and families – as we planned.”

Lewandowski scored a penalty kick in stoppage time to end his impressive World Cup 2022 campaign with a consolation goal. He did his penalty kick with passion by doing a stutter step to confuse the goalkeeper before firing it off into the bottom-left corner.

England demolished Senegal 3-0

England made a statement in the world cup with their 3-0 thrashing of Senegal at the round of 16. Jordan Henderson scored an opener in the 38th minute with an impressive finish from Jude Bellingham’s assist. Captain Harry Kane scored his first tournament goal with a great assist by Bellingham. 

The second half still remained on the side of England, Bukayo Saka sealed the final nail in the coffin with the third and winning goal of the match that secured a quarterfinal slot and a classic matchup with France. 

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