Soccer Fixtures: Richarlison and the Selecao defeat Serbia

Soccer Fixtures: Richarlison and the Selecao defeat Serbia

Richarlison netted a double in the second half to lead Brazil against Serbia. Neymar suffers an ankle injury. Follow for more world soccer fixtures!

An acrobatic volley kick by Richarlison sealed the victory for Brazil in the 73rd minute of the match, thanks to Vinicius outside-of-the-boot cross pass – this displays the brilliance of the Brazilian team on the world stage despite struggles a lot in the first half, as Serbia gave emphasis more on the defense. In the second half, the team suffered a bit as their star, Neymar, was seen limping. For all soccer predictions click here! 

Tite’s excellent adjustments in the second half and team’s well application of 4-2-3-1 formation that really ended Serbia’s tenacious inside box and court-to-court defense in the second half gave numerous spaces and attacks that led to Richarlison firing two consecutive kicks that sent to the back of the net. However, the team is still not at their full potential as they had not gone ballistic and dominant yet, racking up goals after goals like England did to Iran and how Spain demolished Costa Rica. 

Neymar suffered a sprain on his right ankle!

Even though Brazil started their 2022 campaign with a huge aspiration of taking home the World Cup title, Neymar became a looming big worry for the Selecao. 

The Brazilian superstar left the field in tears and looked tremendously worried on his right ankle. The major reason is that the PSG superstar has been the subject of Serbia’s physicality, sustaining heavy tackles that later on hurt his ankle. He was fouled by the Serbian nine times, which is a tournament high. 

Brazil team Doctor Rodrigo Lasmar provides an update stating that Neymar sprained his right ankle. He ignored the question on whether the PSG Striker will be able to play on Monday against Switzerland.

“We put ice on it while he was on the bench and then in physiotherapy,” Lasmar told reporters. “There is no test scheduled for now but we will schedule it if needed. He will be under observation. We will know more tomorrow.”

Coming into this 2022 World Cup, Brazil’s main attraction is the 30 year-old Neymar, he is always there for Brazil as he led this 200 million people nation to a 2013 Confederations Cup and a first Olympic Gold medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games.

Richarlison made his dream come true!

It was very obvious that Brazil really struggled against Serbia in terms of defense, but Richarlison was there to break the Serbian concrete as stepped up for Brazil. 

“My childhood dream has come true,” said Richarlison after his first game in his first World Cup. “We knew it was going to be difficult to get past them. I’m used to playing against defensive teams like this in England. I wanted to take advantage of the opportunities that I had and I did.”

Brazil was aiming for a top prize in this World Cup 2022 Qatar campaign, they have been waiting to take home the prestigious World Cup trophy for more than 20 years. Brazil has an impressive opening matches campaign to 20 games, and has been the number one team in the group stages for the last 10 World Cups.

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