European Football 101: What Do You Need to Know First?

European Football 101: What Do You Need to Know First?

Football or soccer is widely revered as the most popular and richest sport on the planet. However, its complex organizational structure and rules leave non-sports fans scratching their head. You don’t need to completely understand the complex relegation system in football leagues or know the obscure clubs, all you ever need is a short introduction to how European football works.

If you are a newbie in football betting and wish to find digestible information about Euro matches, then you are in the right place.

The football associations

In European soccer, each country that is a member of FIFA has its football association. These governing bodies preside over all matters about the sport within their area of jurisdiction. From organizing football competitions to making decisions on sporting disputes, these governing bodies keep Euro matches organized.

In Europe, there are 55 national associations that are governed by the UEFA or Union of European Football Associations. UEFA in itself answers to a higher government body which is FIFA, an entity that presides over international football. 

The league system

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There are plenty of football leagues in Europe that became known not just within the continent but outside it. However, there are only five that are considered the most elite: English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, and French Ligue 1.

In a national football league system, Euro matches are classified into levels or divisions. The first division or top flight like the Premier League is the highest level on the system. Meanwhile, competitions like the EFL Championship and League 1 fill up the second and third levels. 

The lower tiers of the football league system are open to country-level squads that play on smaller grounds with small but dedicated spectators. 

The clubs

Now that we have covered the governing bodies and tournaments, let’s discuss the clubs or teams that play in these Euro matches. The football clubs are like sports clubs, an organization with a president and a committee. Each club has its set of teams across divisions that they send to participate in football tournaments.

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In the ever-changing landscape of European football, clubs move into the league system based on their performances in competitions. However, there are some teams that are so good that they became a staple on rankings. Teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Liverpool became a house name in the world of association football. 

While European football is dominated by names like Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain, there are obscure clubs that are also worth supporting such as Dynamo Kyiv and HJK Helsinki. 

Tips about European football

The world of European football has expanded over the decades and the version of football in the 1800s is far from the football that we know of today. If you want to get now the sport of association football, we suggest that you start with Euro matches

Next, pick a soccer club that you think resonates with your values and preferences that you wish to support. Make sure that you do your research on the football club that you want to support on the bookmakers. 

Be in know about the current squad, transfers, league rankings, injuries, and performances. This essential information will help you make sound decisions on your sports betting. You can also follow the team and the players on social media platforms to keep yourself updated with news and rankings. 

The truth is that the systems and rules in association football are deemed too complex and confusing even to long-term football enthusiasts. This is why our main tip is to keep yourself abreast of the latest news and information about European football. 

The world of European football has evolved over time and has become the most successful sport on the planet. There are plenty of soccer clubs and Euro matches you can choose from to start your soccer enthusiast journey. Now that you have the essential information that you need you can now join our affiliate program to boost your sports fan experience here: