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Wilderland Slots: A Mystical Journey to the Elven Realm

Wilderland Slots: A Mystical Journey to the Elven Realm

Delve into the mystical realm of Elven folks with our Wilderland slot game review. Get acquainted with this fantastic slot title’s key aspects and bonus features from globally renowned game developer Net Entertainment. 

Here is a complete breakdown of the essential aspects that make up the Wilderland online slot machine game. 


The Wilderland is a 20-pay line online slot game that was created by Net Entertainment Software (NetEnt). This particular slot has a whole slew of walking, expanding, and multiplier wilds.

Wilderland is an online game that was set in the picturesque forest realm of the same name. This game has a high fantasy theme, reminiscent of the films and media about the ancient folk creatures of elves like The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film franchises. 

The moment you open this slot machine game, you will be transported to the magical realm of Wilderland. We are talking about a majestic forest kingdom filled with towering trees and wild animals. Symbols such as elven maidens, foxes, and rings adorned with precious stones were typically found in the reels. These elements contribute to the overarching theme of the Elven forest realm.

Graphics and Soundtrack


Now, let us dive into the visuals and music that correspond to the overall aesthetic and gaming experience of the game. 

The visual style of the Wilderland slot machine game follows an aesthetic of graphic elements that appear hand-drawn. The color palette is dominated by shades of purple with notes of blue and green. The result is a dreamy albeit menacing night forest background scene with clearly defined foreground elements for the reels. 

There is also a clear distinction between high-paying and low-paying symbols. For low-paying symbols like playing card suits, the design follows a graphic style that looks as if the symbols have been carved from the leaves. Meanwhile, the high-paying symbols are enclosed in an Art Nouveau-style border filled with intricate images of Elven princesses, foxes, and jeweled rings. 

As for the soundtrack, the theme is reminiscent of tracks of Enya from the Lord of the Rings movies, with “Lothlorien” to be exact. There are also natural forest sounds in the background, like blowing winds and birds chirping. However, the highlight of the soundtrack is the background music; when players land a combination of high-paying symbols, it is like a mystical spell has been cast on the slot machine with lights flashing through the window.

Combining aesthetically pleasing graphics and out-of-this-world music, the overall gaming experience really demonstrates the high fantasy theme of this game.

RTP and Volatility

It wasn’t the first offering of NetEnt that has a fantasy theme centered on the lore of European elves as there are plenty of titles available in the gaming market. 

As for the return-to-player percentage, Wilderland has a staggering rate of 96.16%. According to betting experts, this number is deemed average or standard for the online casino industry. What this entails is that you will be rewarded with mid to low returns for this particular slot game. 

Wilderland has a low volatility, which is a common feature in most slot games created by NetEnt. Low volatility or variance slot games typically offer frequent payouts, albeit at a lower rate. This is perfect for slot gamers who are looking for quick bucks at a faster rate. Nevertheless, this slot machine game is still an ideal choice for newbie punters.

Bonus Features

Just like the other offerings of NetEnt, Wilderland also has its own extra layer of features that are designed to provide the players an opportunity to boost their winning capacity. These bonus features can only be unlocked once you land three or more scatter symbols on the reels.

Activation Zone

The Activation Zone is a unique feature within the Wilderland slots, which is noticeable once you open the slot game for the first time. Once you land at least two or more wild symbols in the Activation Zone, they will automatically change into one of the forms of walking wilds presented below:

Regular Walking Wild – This wild moves in its place towards the left of the reels during each spin.

Expanding Walking Wild – This type of wild fills the entire reels while it moves across the screen. 

X2 Walking Wild – Puts an x2 multiplier wins on the reels that it is a part of.

Scatter Walking Wild – This one can be utilized as a scatter symbol and unlocks the Free Spins round. 

Final Verdict

Overall, Wilderland is a slot machine game that has a nice touch and cool animations. If you are already a fan of high fantasy fiction, you will definitely enjoy this magical offering by NetEnt software. Make sure that you look for this fantastic slot title on the online betting platform of your choice. 

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