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White Rabbit Megaways Slot: Chasing Big Payouts

White Rabbit Megaways Slot: Chasing Big Payouts

Hop on over to big wins with Big Time Gaming’s White Rabbit Megaways! A much lighter version of another Easter-themed slot, Rabbit Hole Riches, White Rabbit takes you on a whimsical adventure back to Wonderland. With the potential to win up to x13,000 your stake, this adventurous online slot promises a rewarding ending when you’ve got luck on your side!

Looking to test it out? Keep on reading to learn how you can snag a win with this exciting themed slot game.

White Rabbit Megaways Layout

Step into the world of Alice in Wonderland with the White Rabbit Megaways! Excitement unfolds on a 5-reel and 2-7 rows layout. Players are immediately brought to one of the unique forests from the storybook it is based on, giving them a calming presence as they spin the reels.

However, what sets it apart is the Megaways mechanic, offering an astounding 248,832 ways to win, and providing ample opportunities for thrilling gameplay.


Drawing inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s classic tales, White Rabbit Megaways plunges players into the whimsical world of Wonderland. The game’s vibrant feel and charming animations bring to life iconic characters like the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter and settings like the rabbit hole and lush landscapes. 

While it is common to your usual Alice in Wonderland-themed slots, it has its own unique bonuses that are sure to set it apart from the others.

Graphics & Soundtrack

White Rabbit Megaways Slot Graphics

White Rabbit Megaways is one of those visually appealing online slot games, with meticulously designed symbols. You’ll find classic letter and number symbols often touching beside characters like the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit himself, teacups and pots from the Mad Hatter’s tea parties, and more.

Its reels are set against a backdrop that exudes the magical essence of Wonderland, with the classic Caterpillar character sleeping soundly with his smoke bong. From the intricate details of the reels to the lush greenery and sun-drenched scenery, every element is crafted to immerse players in the fantasy world.

Alongside these graphics comes a calming background sound of the forests, birds chirping, and sometimes the nerve-wracking tick of the White Rabbit’s little pocket watch. The soundtrack complements the gameplay perfectly, enhancing the sense of adventure and wonder.

RTP & Volatility

With an impressive RTP of 96.42%, White Rabbit Megaways offers players favorable odds for potential big wins.

However, it’s worth noting that the game boasts High volatility, meaning that while payouts may be less frequent, they have the potential to be substantial.

Bonus Features

Even though White Rabbit Megaways doesn’t come armed with that many bonus features, it still offers enough to keep the thrill of the reels going! With that, here are some of the bonus features you may come across when playing this online slot:

Bonus Wilds

White Rabbit Megaways with the Bonus Wild in-play
White Rabbit Megaways with the Bonus Wild in-play

Get ready for double the excitement with the White Rabbit Megaways wild symbols! First off, you’ve got your trusty standard wild popping up on reels 2 through 5, ready to substitute for any other symbol and boost your wins. 

But the real excitement comes with the Bonus Wild! Triggered randomly, these wilds are brought to life by the Caterpillar, blowing smoke rings and adding up to four wilds onto the reels. And guess what? These Bonus Wilds come with a cool multiplier of either x2 or x3, giving your wins an extra oomph!

Free Spins

It’s time to take a trip down the rabbit hole and enter the magical world of free spins in White Rabbit Megaways! Once you land three White Rabbit scatters, buckle up for 15 Free Spins to kickstart your adventure. 

With each spin, watch as the reels start with either 5 or 7 rows, and whenever the special cupcake symbol pops up, the corresponding reel grows by +1 row. Reach the sky-high 12-row mark on any reel, and you’re in for a treat, scoring between 3 to 12 additional free spins.

Additionally, if all reels hit their peak height, you’ll be looking at a jaw-dropping 248,832 win ways! And when a reel reaches the magical 12-row milestone, it transforms into a Queen’s reel, packed with extra wilds and Red Queen symbols for even more chances to win big.

Feature Drop

In a stroke of genius, White Rabbit Megaways introduces the Feature Drop option, putting you in the driver’s seat of your adventure! Say goodbye to crossing your fingers for those three scatters—now, you can buy your ticket to the bonus game! The cost? x100 your stake. 

As you play, keep an eye out for Feature Drop Symbols. Each one you collect lowers the price tag by 0.2x to 2x whenever it drops. So whether you’re feeling lucky or just want to take control of your destiny, the Feature Drop option gives you the power to make your White Rabbit adventure truly your own.

Final Verdict

Ready to go on a whimsical journey through Wonderland? White Rabbit Megaways offers an enchanting escape into a world filled with magic and adventure. With the potential to win up to x13,000 your stake, the thrill never ends! 

From the mesmerizing graphics to the calming forest soundtrack, every spin is a delight. And with bonus features like Bonus Wilds, Free Spins, and the innovative Feature Drop option, there’s always something exciting around the corner. So, hop on over to 12BET’s online casino and let Big Time Gaming’s White Rabbit Megaways transport you to a land where big wins await!