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Toro Shogun Slot: When the West Meets the East

Toro Shogun Slot: When the West Meets the East

What do you get when you combine Spanish bullfighting and Japanese lore? You will get the Toro Shogun slot game from ELK Studios! You can enjoy the exciting spinning game with 178 opportunities to win.

Here is our in-depth review of the Toro Shogun slot game. We’ve covered everything from the game’s win metrics to its exciting bonus features, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Toro Shogun Slot Layout

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Toro Shogun slot has a grid layout of five reels and four rows equipped with 178 paylines. This means you will have plenty of opportunities to win an exciting in-game reward. Within the game’s five reels, the player has a chance to land a winning combination that can unlock surprising gifts.


After the success of the Buffalo Toro slot, which takes place in the West, ELK Studios decided to launch a follow-up based in an Oriental setting. In the new iteration, the anthropomorphic bull named Toro traveled to Japan for his next adventure. 

In the Toro Shogun slot, raging bull Toro goes to the Far East to fulfill the wish of a dying Japanese man. He instructs him to return an antique object called the “Heart of Fuji,” which must be placed in a temple on Mount Fuji. 

Graphics & Soundtrack

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While the gameplay of the Toro Shogun slot is not particularly new, its concept and aesthetics are unique. The premise and concept of this particular slot game combine the Spanish sport of bullfighting with the elements of Japanese culture. As a result, you will get a game adorned with bonsai trees, cherry blossoms, pagoda temples, and the iconic Mount Fuji

The game’s music and soundtrack don’t veer away from the Japanese style. The Toro Shogun slot features Japanese music that players can enjoy as they spin the reels. 

RTP & Volatility


The Toro Shogun slot has a return-to-player percentage of 94%, below average by online casino industry standards. The low RTP rate means your chances of winning huge payouts are extremely low. 

As for the game’s volatility, Toro Shogun’s variance level ranges from medium to high. This level indicates that players have a better chance of winning good stuff despite the low RTP. 

Symbols & Paytable

One of the elements that Toro Shogun gamers enjoy is the game’s dynamic grid layout. Along with five reels, its dynamic rows can extend from 4 to 10 rows. The game borrows heavily from the Asian culture, and the aesthetics of its symbols are based on the Chinese game of Mah Jong.

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Bonus Features

One of the great things about the Toro Shogun slot is that it is equipped with many bonus features that are enough to bolster your winning potential. Here are the most important bonus features in the Toro Shogun slot. 

Walking Wild


When you trigger the Walking Wild bonus round, the Toro symbol will act as a wild symbol within the reels. When he appears on the reels, he unlocks the game’s respins feature and moves one space on the left side of the reels until all the respins are consumed. 

Toro Goes Wild

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If you land at least one Toro Wild symbol while there is a Matador symbol on the reels, you will unlock the Toro Goes Wild bonus feature. Once you are in this bonus round, the Toro symbol will kick out all of the Matador icons on the reels. 

Shogun Mode

The Shogun Mode will be unlocked once you have consumed all of the five reels on the grid, and it will expand into ten rows. While you are in this round, all of the low-value symbols on the grid will be removed. The Pay Both Ways will also be activated, and the Shogun Mode will last for as long as the winning streak takes effect. 

Final Verdict

The Toro Shogun slot is a spin-off of the Buffalo Toro slot, which takes place in a different setting and was also developed by ELK Studios. Despite its low RTP rating, the game compensates for it with multiple bonus features.