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Sugar Rush Slot: Sweet Cravings and Winnings

Sugar Rush Slot: Sweet Cravings and Winnings

Immerse yourself in a pastel-colored world of sweets and desserts with the Sugar Rush slot from Pragmatic Play! If you enjoy these delightful treats, this casino game is a sweet escape. 

Here is our complete review of the Sugar Rush slot game from Pragmatic Play. 


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Sugar Rush has a layout of 7 x 7.

The Sugar Rush slot game is one of Pragmatic Play’s unique offerings in the sense that it is hugely appealing in terms of the graphics department. However, the game’s grid layout is pretty complex, and it could be challenging for a novice punter. 

Sugar rush differs from your typical slot with five reels and three rows. Instead, we are blessed with a 7 x 7 layout. This means you have plenty of opportunities to clinch that highly coveted jackpot prize. 


If you are already a fan of the hugely popular mainstream game Candy Crush, you may already be familiar with the concept of Sugar Rush. The name was also inspired by the fictional arcade game of the same name in the Disney-Pixar movie Wreck-It Ralph, which also has a sugary theme. 

Get ready to venture into the world of sugary treats as you play this highly engaging slot game from Pragma. The game is filled with elements that pertain to the sweets department. We are talking about candies, gummy bears, and other sweets. 

Graphics & Soundtrack

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The graphics of Sugar Rush are true to its concept of a pastel-colored, sugary world.

Sugar Rush is a slot game that serves as a visual treat. The whole concept of the game is a colorful world of sweets and desserts. Right from the get-go, you will already be greeted with a pastel-colored background filled with bright-colored elements, such as a landscape made of pink candies and purple lollipops. 

The symbols are made of candies such as gummy bears, shaped candies, and lollipop heads. You will also be pleased with the quality of the graphics in this slot game—they are crisp and appealing. 

RTP & Volatility

Now, let’s get down to the technical stuff. Sugar Rush has the game metrics that set it apart from other candy-themed slot games. 

This particular slot has an RTP of 96.50%, which is considered average. This means that your winning odds are average, and you will get decent payouts. The Sugar Rush slot’s volatility is high so you can get huge wins, but they’re rare. 

Symbols & Paytable

As we mentioned above, the symbols of Sugar Rush are represented by candies and gummy treats. Here is the complete breakdown of the primary symbols and their equivalent payouts. 

These are the basic symbols within the Sugar Rush game.

Bonus Features

One of Sugar Rush’s exciting features is its many bonus features, which can quickly twist the game’s dynamics. So, without further ado, here are the bonuses in the Sugar Rush slot by Pragmatic Play. 

Gummy Scatter Symbol

The Gummy Bear is the scatter symbol in the Sugar Rush game, and it works just like other symbols. When you land three of these scatter symbols, you will unlock the free spins bonus. The number of free spins you land depends on the number of scatters you land. 

Free Spins

In contrast to the main game, the spot multipliers don’t rearrange after the cascading spin ends. Instead, they remain in their position and expand until the end of the bonus round.

Multiplier Spots

Once the winning symbols have done their part, they will eventually explode and highlight their place on the grid. A win multiplier will be added if a winning symbol explodes in the same position. 

The spot multipliers can also be doubled, as can the equivalent prize. The maximum payout one can win in Sugar Rush is 128x your wager. 

Retrigger Bonus

One of the Sugar Rush slot game’s fantastic qualities is that the frequency of triggering the bonus features is unlimited. If you land a scatter symbol, you can retrigger the bonus round and win more free spins. 

Final Verdict

In terms of sweetness, Sugar Rush has plenty of things that can make a dentist panic. The game is a visual feast on the eye with its pastel-colored color scheme and cute symbols. 

It has plenty of substance to keep a player amused for a long time. All in all, Sugar Rush is one of the superb games that Pragmatic Play has ever invented. You can experience the sugar rush here at 12BET.