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Riviera Riches Slot: Luxury Spins and Lavish Wins

Riviera Riches Slot: Luxury Spins and Lavish Wins

Enter the Riviera Riches slot, an online casino slot game where luxury meets excitement. This Microgaming classic is designed to transport you to the glamorous atmosphere of the French Riviera. Learn about its stylish features, bonuses, and more by reading below.

Riviera Riches Slot Layout

Dive into the lap of luxury with this incredible online slot brought to you by the talented team at Microgaming.

The Riviera Riches slot is your ticket to spinning excitement, offering five reels, 15 paylines, and the freedom to bet anywhere from one to a whopping 20 coins on each payline. It’s not just about the thrill, as players can also scoop up to 30,000 coins in winnings!


Indulge in the luxurious and romantic vibe of the Riviera Riches slot—a perfect match for your upcoming Valentine’s celebrations! Akin to the idea of Monte Carlo’s coastline or Riviera, this online casino slot invites you to the world where luxury meets love.

Meet our elegant couple in their finest attire—she dazzles in a silk red gown, while he exudes sophistication in a tuxedo. This Microgaming slot adds a touch of romance to your gaming experience, blending money and luck with roses and champagne.

Graphics & Soundtrack

riviera riches slot graphics scaled

Despite the simple 2D visuals, the basic animations in the Riviera Riches slot don’t take away from its well-crafted design.

Riviera Riches is filled with stylish symbols, from playing cards to luxury icons like a dapper man in a tuxedo, a glamorous lady in an evening gown, a palace, a fancy car, and even a glass of brandy with a lit cigar. Make sure to look out for the Riviera Riches logo as the wild symbol, too! It not only adds a touch of class but also doubles your winnings in winning combinations.

The sultry soundtrack in Riviera Riches beckons players to keep spinning, enticing them to experience the high life, even if it’s just on their screens.

RTP & Volatility

Players looking to enjoy the high life with the Riviera Riches slot can expect frequent wins. All thanks to the slot game’s low volatility, a pretty good rate for most slots.

Plus, with an impressive RTP of 97%, the online slot offers a good amount of rewarding returns.

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Bonus Features

Microgaming’s Riviera Riches slot offers two generous bonus features. Each of them with their own unique rewards that’s bound to keep players engaged.

Roulette Bonus

In Riviera Riches, the excitement reaches new heights with the Roulette Bonus. Triggered by the appearance of roulette symbols on the first and fifth reels simultaneously, players get to choose a number on the roulette wheel.

Players have two chances to spin the roulette wheel. If luck is on your side and your chosen number comes up, you can expect a prize that can reach up to four times your initial wager. The most lucrative award you can get is up to 30,000 coins!

Money Scatter Symbol

The Money Scatter Symbol in the Riviera Riches slot opens the door to not one but two little bonus features. Get ready for 12 free spins when three or more money symbols grace the reels. 

During these free spins, winning combinations come with a triple payout bonus, adding to the excitement. Even in the regular game, money symbols shower you with prizes, each corresponding to the number of symbols:

  • Two money symbols – 1x multiplier
  • Three money symbols – 4x multiplier
  • Four money symbols – 10x multiplier
  • Five money symbols – 40x multiplier

Final Verdict

Microgaming’s Riviera Riches slot brings a unique theme, wilds, bonuses, and free spins with multipliers. Perfect for savvy bankroll managers or those who love frequent wins. If you crave luxury with a touch of romance, plus regular payouts, Riviera Riches is your go-to online slot!

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