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Phở Sho Hold & Win Slot: A Hotpot of Jackpot

Phở Sho Hold & Win Slot: A Hotpot of Jackpot

Savor a hearty Vietnamese soup and win tasty surprises with a Phở Sho slot from BetSoft. Dive deep into the game lore and unlock the secrets of the game’s bonus features. Maximize your winning potential by knowing the game’s metrics and payables. 

Here is our compact review of the Phở Sho Hold & Win slot:


image 7
Phở Sho Hold & Win layout

Phở Sho Hold & Win is a video slot game from BetSoft. It has a grid layout of five reels and four rows. The game also has 20 paylines, a maximum bet of 100, and a minimum bet of 0.2. 


Video slots are already filled with games with Chinese and Japanese themes. However, it is pretty rare for a slot developer to create a Vietnamese-themed slot, but fortunately, they exist in the form of Phở Sho Hold & Win. 

The concept of the slot game centered around Vietnam’s national dish—the Phở. While the Asian dish has plenty of similarities with other Asian noodle soups, the pho sets itself apart from the others because of the process of boiling the beef bones involved in making the soup and the inclusion of fresh herbs. 

Graphics & Soundtrack

image 8
Phở Sho Hold & Win graphics and theme

Betsoft is primarily known for its visually stunning slots, smooth animation, and cinematic storytelling of the game’s lore. The Phở Sho Hold & Win is no different from its popular offerings; you will see right from the get-go that the design is well thought out. 

 The graphics and animation of Phở Sho Hold & Win are pretty straightforward, and you will immediately get a firm grasp of what the game is about. Many Asian symbols are in play in the Phở Sho Hold & Win slot, and you will be amazed by the cute graphics. 

Regarding the soundtrack, you will definitely be inspired to visit Vietnam when you hear the game’s background music. Phở Sho Hold & Win perfectly incorporates the conventional pipe music familiar in Vietnamese culture. It blends well with the game’s features and overarching theme. 

RTP & Volatility

Phở Sho Hold & Win has an average RTP of 96.20%. Meanwhile, the game’s hit frequency is 17.42% and has a high volatility level. This means that despite the low frequency of bets, just know that they come in massive amounts. 

Symbols & Paytable

image 9
Phở Sho Hold & Win paytable

As mentioned above, the Phở Sho Hold & Win is a Vietnamese noodle soup concept. The symbols on the reels represent the ingredients of the pho: noodles, meat, shallots, chili, lime, and vegetable sticks. Here is the paytable of this Phở-themed slot game. 

Bonus Features

The game also has plenty of bonus features that can be unlocked in any part of the game. All you have to do is land at least three of the scatter symbols symbolized by the soup bowl. Here is the breakdown of the bonus features in the Phở Sho Hold & Win game:


image 3
Phở Sho Hold & Win bonus 1

The wild symbol in the Phở Sho Hold & Win is represented by the Viet man who works as the pho soup stall operator. The wild symbol can substitute all the symbols on the reels to make a winning combination, except for the scatter and the 1.00 gold coin. 

Hold and Win

image 6
Phở Sho Hold & Win bonus 2

One of the generous bonus features in the Phở Sho slot is the Hold & Win. Once you land the Bonus Symbols in the form of gold coins, Landing a few has no effect; however, once you land at least six, you will trigger the Hold & Win bonus. 

Each bonus symbol has an equivalent payout ranging from 1x to 500x your bet. They can also unlock the free spins feature. 

Free Spins

image 5
Phở Sho Hold & Win bonus 3

As mentioned above, the scatter symbol of this game is the bowl of cooked pho. Once you land three, four, or five scatter symbols, you will unlock the free spins. These will provide you with several free spins, which can be retriggered at any time in the game. 

Buy Feature

image 4
bonus 4

If you’re impatient, you can purchase free spins to help you land that windfall of reward. You can pay 90 for five free spins, 126 for seven free spins, and 160 for nine free spins. 

Final Verdict

Phở Sho Hold & Win is not your typical Asian-themed slot. It is packed with interesting features that set it apart from other games within the same genre. If you have a penchant for the unconventional and Vietnamese culture, then this slot game is for you.  Play this game here at 12BET casino.