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Online Keno: How to play 12BET Keno and things to know

Online Keno: How to play 12BET Keno and things to know

12BET offers an online keno that provides high payouts for patrons. It is fun and produces excitement and an intense atmosphere.

About Keno (In General)

Keno is a lottery-inspired game. It originated in China and is said to be instrumental to funds  for the construction of building the Great Wall. Though this information is still subject to fact-checking. Keno is a very easy and fun casino game. It became more popular when the Chinese brought this game to American soil. You just need to predict the correct numbers that will appear after the draw and you will win. This casino game has become a staple in every casino and even online, thanks to its pretty easy gameplay and simplicity.

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12BET Keno betting rules

Although Keno is quite an easy game to follow, you still need to know the Bet types, especially in 12BET, in order to have full grasp and awareness. Here we will give you a brief detail of every BET type that you must know before playing Keno. 

Here are the Bet Types: Big/Small; Odd/Even; Dragon/Tie/Tiger; Up/Tie/Down; Big Odd/Small Odd/Big Even/Small Even; Five (5) Elements (Gold/Wood/Water/Fire/Earth)


12bet will provide an odds on the total of 20 numbered balls between “Big” or “Small”. If the sum of the drawn twenty balls is greater than or equal to 811, it is consider as Big. While if the total of the drawn twenty balls is smaller than or equal to 810, it is consider as Small.


In this Bet type, the sum of the twenty numbered balls drawn is end as Odd or Even. For example, if the sum is 211, 213, 1407, or 1411 it is considered as Odd. While if the sum landed on 210, 212, 208, or 1406 it is considered as Even.


This Bet type is a bit more complicated, as it uses parts of a whole number like tens and units. Here, if you bet for Dragon, you are betting that the (tens) second last digit of the sum of twenty numbered balls is greater than the last digit (units) of the sum of twenty numbered balls. If you bet for Tiger, you are betting that the last digit number is greater than the second l;ast digit number. You can also bet on ‘tie’, if Dragon and Tiger are equal. For example, if the sum of the twenty numbered balls is 923, and you bet for Tiger. Then the tiger here is 3, while the Dragon is 2. Since you bet on Tiger, you won the bet. 

For the descriptions about the bet type UP/TIE DOWN, BIG ODD/SMALL ODD/BIG EVEN/SMALL EVEN, and Five Elements you may visit 12bet for more information or you can wait for the part two of the discussion about KENO lottery.

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