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Olympus Hades Megaways Slot: A Descent into the Jackpot Underworld

Olympus Hades Megaways Slot: A Descent into the Jackpot Underworld

Abandon all hope and prepare for a harrowing journey into the dark realm of Hades, the Greek god of the underworld, with Olympus Hades Megaways slot. Enjoy the ghostly symbols—and bonus features of this slot offering by iSoftBet. Know the key aspects of this game, such as symbols, game metrics, and gaming experience. 

Here is the complete breakdown of the essential information that you need to know about the Olympus Hades Megaways casino slots


Greek mythology has served as an inspiration to a myriad of slot titles, and iSoftBet is no stranger to the trend. The casino software developer initially released the Olympus Megaways, which centered on the towering abode of Zeus, Mount Olympus. The sequel, Olympus Hades, however, takes center stage in the hellish realm of the king of the underworld. 

In Greek mythology, Hades refers to both the obscure physical place where the souls of the dead reside and the deity that presides over it. Prepare to encounter familiar symbols such as Hades, Cerberus, Medusa, and a vase.

Graphics and Soundtrack

Olympus Hades

The whole aesthetic of the casino slots was inspired by the common symbols that you see in Greek mythology but are fitting to the Chthonic world of Hades. There are plenty of visuals that refer to the lore of the underworld, such as devil horns and chains. The high-paying symbols apart from Hades himself are Cerberus (his three-headed dog who is also the guardian of the realm) and Medusa, the frightening goddess with snakes as hairs.

Olympus Hades Megaways slot has a superb visual design and smooth animations. One of the highlights of the game is the graphics of Hades on the left side of the reels, which also reacts to what is happening on the grid. As for the soundtrack, you will hear epic sounds with layers of operatic vocals. 

One of the perks of this Greek myth-inspired slot game is that you can take this game every where you go. This casino slots game is compatible with any smartphone device, and the reels are optimized for any mobile screen. Regardless of your device, you will enjoy the crisp graphics and cool animations of Olympus Hades Megaways. 

RTP and Volatility

When it comes to the return-to-player percentage, the Olympus Hades Megaways slot has a theoretical rate of 96.95%. This number is deemed average, according to slot gaming experts. What this means is that your chances of walking away with a huge return are higher than most titles, albeit this comes on rare occasions. 

While the RTP of Olympus Hades Megaways slot game is in the mid-tier, its volatility is high. It is often said that a high volatility or variance slot usually has better payouts, but unfortunately, these are not frequent. 

Bonus Features

Along with an interesting theme and cool graphics, the Olympus Hades Megaways casino slots have their own set of bonus features that can boost your gaming experience. There is an array of wilds, free spins, multipliers, Megaways jackpots, and so much more.


Wild symbols are the element of this game that could provide you with the most basic rewards. While they are not designed to directly giving you the winnings directly, landing a few of them on the reels could lead you to exciting rewards.

Cascading Wins

One of the fantastic elements of the Olympus Hades Megaways slots is that it has cascading symbols. When you land a winning combination, the symbols involved will be removed from the reels and will be replaced with new symbols. 

Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbol of this game is the icon representing the staff owned by Hades. When you land four of these scatter symbols, you will unlock the free spins. When you land five or more of these symbols, the free spins will be doubled. The only downside to this is that they are pretty elusive, and landing four of them is rare. 


The Megaways casino slots are back again, thanks to Big Time Gaming. Olympus Hades Megaways has a grid of six reels, but the number of rows spinning can change from two to seven. The Megaways feature can provide the player with up to 117,649 winning ways.

The Max Megaways can be unlocked with a random spin. When this occurs, the reels of the game will expand into seven rows. The only downside to this is that it only happens on rare occasions. While this does not directly provide you with a win, your chances of bagging one will improve.

Free Spins

Another exciting bonus feature is the Free Spins round. The free spins feature in Olympus Hades Megaways is pretty lucrative because when you land four scatter symbols, you are rewarded with a single free spin plus a win multiplier that begins with 1x your bet. The win multiplier will increase for every cascade symbol on the reels. 

The only con to this is that landing four scatters is pretty rare. If you don’t want to wait for the scatter symbols to show themselves, you can opt for the bonus buy feature in the game. This will feature will cost you the chance to win 75x your wager; however, it will imemditely reward you with at least 12 free spins provided by Hades himself.

Final Verdict

Despite having a darker theme than its predecessor, there is plenty to love in the Olympus Hades Megaways slot. Aside from the high volatility and smooth graphics, its Megaways and cascading symbols can give you plenty of chances to win exciting rewards. Delve deep into the harrowing world of Olympus Hades Megaways casino slots and enjoy its perks. 

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