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Moon Princess Slot: Celestial Delights and Magical Wins

Moon Princess Slot: Celestial Delights and Magical Wins

Get ready to dive into a world where anime collides with the excitement of slot gaming in Play’n GO’s Moon Princess slot! Say goodbye to the usual slot setup because this visually pleasing online slot game brings something totally fresh with its innovative 5×5 grid layout.

Come along with us as we embark on another slot adventure like the White Rabbit Megaways slot. This time, into the lively universe of Moon Princess, where you’ll meet iconic princesses and uncover enchanting powers waiting to be discovered. Keep reading to learn more about this fantastical slot!

Moon Princess Slot Layout

Play’n GO’s Moon Princess slot isn’t your typical slot game. Instead of the usual setup, it rocks a 5×5 grid instead of the common 5×3 setup. And forget about paylines—there are technically 20 paylines.

But the twist of it is that aside from those generic paylines, you’re aiming to land 3, 4, or 5 matching symbols in a row, either horizontally or vertically. It’s all about lining up those symbols to create winning combinations and rake in those rewards!


When you see the Moon Princess slot, the first thing that comes to mind is that iconic anime called Sailor Moon. And the game is pretty much based on that, with three beautiful and powerful princesses in the slot game, each with their own special powers—just like the Japanese TV show! The game has an adorable and vibrant feel, which captures exactly what an anime show would look like.

Graphics & Soundtrack

Moon Princess Slot Graphics
Moon Princess Slot: Celestial Delights and Magical Wins 4

If you’re a fan of Japanese cartoons, the Moon Princess slot is where it’s at! It’s like stepping into an anime world, complete with colorful visuals and an upbeat soundtrack that just screams ‘kawaii’. And hey, don’t worry if you’re not sure about those meters and collection boxes at first—they’ll make a lot more sense once you’ve played a bit. 

Keep an eye on the right side of the screen, as you’ll find the princesses Love, Star, and Storm there, cheering you on with every spin! Plus, they switch up any time they feel like popping in some multipliers for you.

RTP & Volatility

Alright, let’s break down the stats for Moon Princess slot. So, the RTP score clocks in at 96.5%, which is pretty standard for this series. 

The volatility, however, is on the high side, just like the other Moon Princess slots. This means the game can be a bit pricey to play. Wins might not come too often, and bonuses might feel like they’re holding out on you. But hey, here’s the silver lining—when those wins do happen, they can be pretty impressive!

Bonus Features

Play’n GO’s Moon Princess slot is absolutely generous when it comes to giving you wins. And that is more apparent than ever with their multiple bonus features that keeps the ball rolling. Here are some special features you may encounter when luck finally joins you in Moon Princess:

Symbol Drop

Moon Princess Slot Bonus Features - Symbol Drop
Moon Princess Slot Bonus Features – Symbol Drop In-Play

When you score a win in the Moon Princess slot, the Symbol Drop feature kicks in. This means the symbols in your winning combo disappear, and the remaining ones drop down to fill the empty spots. It’s like getting a second chance to score more wins! Plus, the middle symbol in the winning combo turns into a Moon Wild, and with each win, the multiplier goes up, all the way up to 20x your win.

Girl Power

Moon Princess Slot Bonus Features - Girl Power
Moon Princess Slot Bonus Features – Girl Power In-Play

Ever heard of Girl Power? Well, in the Moon Princess slot, it’s a random thing that happens on a spin where you didn’t win anything. Depending on which princess is hanging out on the right side of the grid, you get a different special ability:

  • Love Princess (as pictured above): Transforms one set of symbols into another symbol.
  • Star Princess: Adds one or two wilds to the grid.
  • Storm Princess: Clears out two sets of symbols from the grid.

Princess Trinity

If you manage to land wins with only princess symbols (and the Wild if needed), you fill up the meter on the left side of the Moon Princess slot grid. Once it’s full, you trigger the Princess Trinity feature. Here, the Love, Star, and Storm Girl Power features take turns to give you more wins until, well, you can’t win anymore.

Free Spins

Now, if you’re lucky enough to clear the whole grid in the Moon Princess slot, you unlock the Free Spins feature. You get to pick from three options:

  • Love Princess: 4 free spins
  • Star Princess: 5 free spins
  • Storm Princess: 8 free spins

During these free spins, the chosen princess’s Girl Power feature is active on every spin where you don’t win anything. And if you manage to charge up the meter again during free spins, you’ll get even more free spins—up to a total of 20! Additionally, if you clear the grid during free spins, you score a sweet prize of 100x bet.

Final Verdict

So, to sum it up, the Moon Princess slot by Play’n GO is like stepping into an anime wonderland mixed with the excitement of slot gaming. With its funky 5×5 grid layout and nods to Sailor Moon, it’s a blast to play. Sure, it can be a bit pricey with its high volatility, but trust us, those wins and awesome bonus features make it totally worth it. 

Try getting into it and let your luck roll by playing this fantastical slot over at 12BET’s online casino today!