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Heist Bank Rush Slot: Take the Loot

Heist Bank Rush Slot: Take the Loot

Join a motley crew of talented individuals and rake in a massive win with the Heist Bank Rush slot! Navigate to the visually pleasing reels and thrilling bonus features designed to boost your winning odds at the bank heist-themed slot. 

We will discuss the various aspects of this amazing slot and give our final verdict on the game. Is it worth playing?

Heist Bank Rush Slot Layout

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At first glance, you may think that Heist Bank Rush is your typical, monotonous slot game with an exciting feature, but it is much more. 

Contrary to the slot industry’s standard of five by three, this slot game is composed of five reels and four rows, equipped with 1024 ways of winning. Other than that, the game is pretty basic, with no complex gameplay or mega ways. However, there are other elements that make this particular game pretty special. 


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World-renowned game developer BetSoft has developed the Heist Bank Rush slot. The premise of the game is pretty simple—a bank heist. The slot game encourages us to follow a heist crew composed of Neil the Shapeshifter, Finley the Extra, Travis the Collector, and Hummer the Multiplier. 

This particular slot machine game used an urban setting as the backdrop of the criminal activities of our anti-heroes. The city also features a group of police who are about to storm a bank recently robbed by our heist crew. 

Graphics & Soundtrack

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You will find plenty of elements that you would find in a heist action-drama—a heist crew, a police force, and a bank. The graphic style of the Heist Bank Rush slot is similar to the visuals that are commonly seen in a noir graphic novel. BetSoft also used a color palette mainly composed of dark colors, such as dark blues and violets. After all, the game used the night as a setting. 

One of the game’s advantages is that it is not static. Plenty of animations within the game are sleek and practical, such as the moving spotlights, smoke, diamond spooning, and the lights randomly shifting from symbol to symbol. The game’s soundtrack was thrilling, with a few sound effects, such as police sirens. 

RTP & Volatility

The Heist Bank Rush slot holds a few game metrics perfect for novice and seasoned bettors. 

BetSoft set the return-to-player percentage of the Heist Bank Rush slot to 96.2%. This entails that the game’s ability to provide huge payouts is petty average. However, in terms of volatility, it is set at high, which refers to games that can give unimaginably huge payouts at low frequencies. 

Symbols & Paytable

Like the other slot offerings by BetSoft, the reels are also composed of high and low-paying symbols. The high-paying symbols in the game are the heist crew; on the other hand, the low-paying symbols are the ones that are marked with playing card symbols. For the complete paytable, here it is:

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Bonus Features

The Heist Bank Rush slot is also interesting because of several bonus features. Here are the standard bonus features and in-game rewards in BetSoft’s Heist Bank Rush slot. 

Wild Symbol

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Bonus 1

The wild symbol in this heist drama slot works just like the wilds in other games, substituting for other symbols to create a winning combination. The Heist Bank Rush slot is represented by a box labeled with a question mark. 

Hold and Win

The Hold and Win is the most interesting bonus feature in this heist drama game. It has plenty of sub-features that can boost your odds of winning. You can only unlock this round when you land the diamond symbol, the game’s designated scatter. Each diamond scatter symbol is equivalent to a payout of 20,000x your bet. 

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Bonus 2

Neil the Shapeshifter – This symbol can transform into one of the other three symbols. 

Finley the Extra – When you get Finley, you can land a win multiplier with a payout range of x3 to x100. 

Travis the Collector – This feature collects all the symbols with other high-paying symbols.

Hummer the Multiplier—This symbol randomly selects two to four symbols. The value of the selected symbols can be multiplied two to five times. 

Buy Feature

The Buy Feature in the Heist Bank Rush slot game is a set of respins bonus features that can be purchased by the player using their money to boost the winning. Players can select from three respins with 30,00, 60.00, and 100.00. 

Final Verdict

Overall, the Heist Bank Rush is a slot game with a simple lore that is both intriguing and appealing. The extra feature of Hold and Win has plenty of sub-features that can boost your winning ability. You can play this game here at 12BET.