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Gravity Bonanza Slot: A Delicious Space Adventure

Gravity Bonanza Slot: A Delicious Space Adventure

Venture into deep space where planets that resemble foods are suspended in a firmament. Get the opportunity to enjoy the high-paying symbols, lucrative bonus features, and a smooth gaming experience brought to you by Pragmatic Play. 

Let’s explore the unknown with this casino slots game by examining its various aspects. 


Gravity Bonanza has a 7×7 grid layout, which is an expanded version of the traditional 5×3 grid layout. The slot game only has ten paylines, which is considered a very low number according to industry standards. Meanwhile, the game has a minimum bet of $0.1, and for the maximum bet, it is $100. 


This slot game title by Pragmatic Play has a space adventure theme. Even though the theme of deep space exploration has already been used by plenty of game developers, this slot is different in the sense that it has a weird concept, almost comical.

Within the casino slots game, you will play the role of a space explorer guided by an astronaut floating on the right side of the screen. You will embark on an adventure to deep space, and you will encounter along the way a few heavenly bodies and planets that have the shape of foods like burgers and sushi rolls. 

Graphics & Soundtrack

Gravity Bonanza

Gravity Bonanza is a slot game designed by Pragmatic Play, which is widely renowned for its unobtrusive and user-friendly interface. 

The visual style of the game has a cartoonish appeal with soft elements and a muted color palette. Each of the graphic elements, such as the symbols and the astronaut, has a soft glow. As for the background, the moon landscape blends well with the planet near it. 

Gravity Bonanza casino slots have an upbeat soundtrack dominated by bass parts. Aside from the omnipresent background music, you will also hear plenty of sounds when the symbols make winning combinations that resemble popping bubbles. 

RTP & Volatility

The slot game has an RTP percentage of 96.09 percent. This number is widely considered as an average in comparison to other space theme slots on the market. However, it is decent enough to provide you with a decent payout.

Gravity Bonanza slots have high volatility, which is considered an ideal variance level in a slot game. The only downside to this is that this volatility level is not for everyone. 

With high volatility and an average RTP, the Gravity Bonanza slot can still pay decent amounts of returns. 

Bonus Features

Pragmatic Play is pretty generous enough by providing a few bonus features that are designed to boost the player’s probability of winning. Here are the bonus features within the Gravity Bonanza casino slots:

Tumble Bonus

Once the player wins and the player has collected their prize, the winning symbols will be cleared from the reels and will be replaced by new symbols, while the remaining symbols will remain in their respective places. This will provide an opportunity for the players to land new winnings, and this will continue until no extra combinations are made. 

Gravity Bonus

The wild symbol on the casino slots reel is represented by a black hole, and once you land this symbol on the reels, the Gravity Bonus will unlock. During this round, a random symbol will be selected, and the related icons on the reels will be sucked by the black hole symbol. 

The amount on the gravity bonus indicator will increase, and the payout will follow the equivalent payout for the corresponding symbol on the paytable. 

Free Spins

The Free Spins Bonus Round will only be unlocked once you land a scatter symbol on the reels. The minimum scatter symbols that the player must land on the reels is three, which is equivalent to ten free spins. The higher the number of the scatter symbols that fall on the reels, the higher the number of free spins that will be rewarded to the players. 

Final Verdict

The Gravity Bonanza casino slots are one of the unique offerings of Pragmatic Play. Players will definitely appreciate the dreamy graphics, upbeat music, high volatility, and fun bonus features that will transport you to new heights. 

Make sure that you give this slot game title a try at 12BET and enjoy the yummy rewards available to you.