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Gods of Gold Infinireels Slot: Ancient Treasures Galore

Gods of Gold Infinireels Slot: Ancient Treasures Galore

Appease the deities with NetEnt’s Gods of Gold Infinireels slot and walk away with a load of money! Get acquainted with the game’s layout, metrics, and exciting features to boost your winning potential. Make sure that you test-drive the game by utilizing the demo version at 12BET. 

Without further ado, here is our comprehensive review of the Gods of Gold Infinireels by NetEnt. 

Gods of Gold Infinireels Slot Layout

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The geniuses at NetEnt really had some creative juices to concoct something like this. As a result, we are blessed with this visually pleasing and highly-rated slot game. 

When you open the game for the first time, you are greeted with an unconventional grid layout of three reels and rows. However, the twist is that every time you land a winning combination, the reels expand one at a time, opening more opportunities to win. 


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The theme of this NetEnt slot game is pretty simple—gold. The game doesn’t follow a particular narrative, but its lore revolves around golden deities. The game was inspired by deities worldwide, such as Greek, Chinese, Inca, Norse, and Egyptian. These idols are scattered around a room full of treasures. 

Graphics & Soundtrack

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As we mentioned above, the Gods of Gold slot game is one of the visually appealing titles forged by the world’s reputable game developers. You will enjoy this visual treat, from the glaring and vibrant graphics to the buttery smooth animation. Each initial symbol on the reels is painted in a soft color palette and carved with ornate designs that represent the deity they are assigned to. 

Aside from the graphics, the game’s soundtrack is also on point. Right from the get-go, you will hear ominous music that sounds epic and unsettling. The soundtrack encapsulates the game’s epic adventure theme. 

RTP & Volatility

Gods of Gold is blessed with a return-to-player percentage of 96.21%, which means you will get more than you bargained for. As you slowly navigate the game, you will realize it keeps improving by the minute. 

The game is set in a medium to high volatility format regarding volatility or variance. This means that the game is lucrative as you go along. However, we expect the winnings to be relatively rare due to the high variance. 

Symbols & Paytable

If you are a treasure-hunting-themed slots fan, you may find an eerie similarity with ReelPlay’s El Dorado slot. However, what sets NetEnt’s Gods of Gold slot apart is that it is equipped with beautifully decorated symbols that will inspire you to play more. There is no need to open the game because we have already done the homework for you, so here is the paytable for this slot:

image 8
image 7

Bonus Features

The bonuses are the features that give a particular slot game a sense of character. This is the part where the game developers get more creative by providing twists and turns on the game’s standard mechanic. There is no need to switch; here are the main bonuses in the Gods of Gold slot. 


Just like the purpose of wild symbols on other slot tiles, this game’s wilds can be a substitute for other symbols on the reels to land a winning combination. The only exception is the scatter symbol, which has a different power, which is to unlock the bonus rounds, 

image 6

Win and Spins

One of the game’s generous in-game features is the Win and Spins, which can only be unlocked when there are three or more scatter symbols on the reels. When you trigger this bonus, an additional reel will be added to the left side of the grid layout via Infinireels. Every winning combination will prompt the game to add more reels, boosting your odds of winning. 

image 9


The Infinireels are not a bonus feature but a type of game mechanic. A reel will be added on the right side of the screen, and in every winning combination, the player will land. When the Infinireels are in effect, the players can increase their chances of winning. 

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Final Verdict

Unfortunately, the game is no longer unique, as plenty of games with a similar concept were released after it was introduced and are outside NetEnt’s control. However, you will enjoy the visual flair that Gods of Gold Infinireels can bring. Play this game here at 12BET.