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Fire in the Hole Slot: Ignite Your Wins

Fire in the Hole Slot: Ignite Your Wins

Looking for another fiery slot that brings the heat like Loco Habanero? Fire in the Hole slot by Nolimit City’s got you covered! Instead of dancing to hot chilies, get ready to dig deep and unearth some explosive wins.

Ready to see what treasures lie beneath this slot game? Then keep on reading our exciting guide below!

Fire in the Hole Slot Layout

Fire in the Hole slot by Nolimit City—phew, well, buckle up for this one, because it’s got a wild setup with 6 reels and starts you off with a whopping 486 ways to win. But that’s just the beginning. Unlike most slots where reels actually expand, this online slot game also gives you a mind-blowing 46,656 ways to win. Talk about the potential for explosive wins!


Nolimit City just unearthed a hidden gem (pun intended!) with Fire in the Hole. It’s a deep dive into a dusty old mine, kind of like those classic ones you see Snow White’s seven dwarfs pop into to whistle while they work. But Fire in the Hole throws a pickaxe at tradition with a hilarious dwarf character who brings the laughs – and the explosions!

Graphics & Soundtrack

Forget fancy casinos; the Fire in the Hole slot takes you on a real mining expedition! Expect the graphics to be a tad dark and gritty, detailed enough to make you feel the grime under your fingernails. The music is simply a whole other character, building suspense with every creak of the mine cart and exploding into excitement when you spin. It’s like you’re right there, waiting to strike gold (or diamonds!)

RTP & Volatility

The Fire in the Hole slot gives you a fair shake (almost 96.06% fair, to be exact). So try not to expect wins at every spin, though. But, this online slot game’s much like a wild mine cart ride, with twists and turns galore thanks to its high volatility. But when you hit a lucky vein, you could score a life-changing win – up to 60,000x your bet!

Bonus Features

You never have to dig deep for exciting bonus features, because the Fire in the Hole slot already has a few up its sleeves. Time to grab your pickaxes and explore the extra explosive bonuses this online slot game’s got to offer!


The xBomb is like a Wild party animal in the Fire in the Hole slot! It replaces other symbols to help you win, but the party doesn’t stop there. This crazy symbol explodes, clearing nearby squares and bumping up your win multiplier by 1 with each blast! These explosions can happen even if you don’t win initially, adding an extra layer of surprise and potential for a big win later.

Wild Mining Feature

Fire in the Hole hates near misses! Get close to a win with three or more matching symbols in a line, but no cigar? This game doesn’t play that! The Wild Mining feature activates, throwing up to three Wilds onto the reels for your next spin. It’s a consolation prize with a fiery twist – those Wilds could turn your frown upside down with a big win!

Lucky Wagon Spins

The Lucky Wagon Spins bonus is a thrilling feature triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols. The number of scatters determines your starting setup:

  • 3 scatters: Start with 2 rows
  • 4 scatters: Start with 3 rows
  • 5 scatters: Start with 4 rows

You start with 3 spins, but landing a coin symbol resets that counter back to 3, giving you more chances to win. Plus, special surprises wait above the reels! These rewards can pump up the value of your coins, multiply your prizes like crazy, and even unlock extra goodies.

Final Verdict on Fire in the Hole Slot

Get ready to light the fuse with the Fire in the Hole slot! This Nolimit City slot is an explosion of excitement, with innovative features and a captivating theme. Whether you’re a slots veteran or a fresh face, the high volatility and potential for epic wins will have you hooked. 

Don’t wait any longer; ignite your winning potential and play Fire in the Hole at 12BET today!