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Elf Bingo Slot: Magic Reels and Elfish Thrills

Elf Bingo Slot: Magic Reels and Elfish Thrills

If you enjoyed the luck of the Irish with the 9 Pots of Gold slot, then you’ll definitely fancy TaDa Gaming’s Elf Bingo slot! This unique online slot with a corresponding bingo bonus elevates itself from the usual Irish themed slots. A perfectly lucky slot that you’ll definitely want to play during St. Patrick’s Day!

While it has those classic shamrock and Irish beer symbols, it’s further enhanced with bonuses that elevates the game. Far from your usual elf slot games, this slot has the potential to keep players spinning. Keep reading to learn the thrills that this slot has to offer.


TaDa Gaming’s Elf Bingo slot greets players with a familiar 5×5 reel layout and 50 paylines, creating a classic and comfortable gaming environment.

The backdrop is filled with lively colors, which adds a touch of joy and positivity to your spinning adventure. It’ll surely keep you spinning if you know that you even have the potential for a maximum win of x5000 your stake!


Get ready for a dose of Irish charm as the Elf Bingo slot invites you into a world of rainbows, elves dressed as leprechauns, and smoking pipes. It is a slot that screams elements that are often found on St. Patrick’s Day festivities, with an immersive feel that lean towards a simpler style. Overall, it gives the exact feel of what you would expect from your usual Irish slot games.

Graphics & Soundtrack

Elf Bingo slot reels showing multiple wilds and a pre-filled bingo board on top

The symbols on the Elf Bingo slot reels blend traditional card values with whimsical elements like rainbows, leprechaun-like elves, pints of beer, pots of gold, golden coins, and more. The graphics may not be the most cutting-edge, but they contribute to the game’s overall charm.

Plus, the lively look of the game is paired with a fun, toe-tapping Irish folk tune that keeps the excitement levels high.

RTP & Volatility

Enjoy a fantastic gaming experience with the Elf Bingo slot thanks to its impressive 97% RTP.

The slot also falls into the medium to high volatility category, which basically offers a balanced mix of risk and rewards. It’s the perfect Irish slot game that keeps the fun flowing without the nail-biting highs and lows.

Bonus Features

The Elf Bingo slot has a few tricks up its sleeve, including the classic free spins and a little bingo game that triggers massive rewards and a huge jackpot, if luck’s on your side. Below are the major bonus features players can find in the game:

Free Spins

Elf Bingo slot reels showing the free spins bonus round

Unlock the Free Spins feature by landing 3 or more Scatters and treat yourself to 8 rounds of free-wheeling fun. More Scatters mean more chances for excitement, and during free rounds, the Wild spices things up with random 2x or 3x multipliers. Keep an eye out for those coin symbols, too—they love to pop up and boost your winnings!

Bingo Game

The Bingo Game in Elf Bingo slot is the extra layer of frosting on the cake. Uncover coin symbols on the upper playing board, stack those winnings, and aim for a bingo.

Here’s the rundown of the bonus layout: The lower one is the “regular board,” and the upper one is the “bingo board.” Every time you place a bet, there are plenty of chances where the board might light up with either a bronze, silver, or gold coin, adding a sprinkle of randomness to your winnings.

If you happen to get any of the coins, it’ll stack up the winnings in the same spot on the bingo board above. Or, add itself on the bingo board above, if there isn’t a coin in place yet. Once you get a bingo from collecting enough coins on the Elf Bingo slot, brace yourself for that coveted bingo prize before the top board refreshes.

Remember: each bingo board you achieved a win on is recorded separately, so you can switch between boards as you desire.

Lucky Wheel

If your bingo board on the Elf Bingo slot just happens to have that Jackpot symbol after hitting a few free spins, you can activate the Lucky Wheel bonus. This is just a little extra for players to grab additional rewards or the awaited jackpot price.

Final Verdict

TaDa Gaming’s Elf Bingo slot is your ticket to a delightful and entertaining slot experience. The friendly Irish theme, lively graphics, and engaging bonus features create a perfect blend of classic slot fun and unique excitement. 

Don’t be fooled by the simple visuals—Elf Bingo packs a punch with its high RTP, low-medium volatility, and the chance for a fantastic 5,000x max win. And guess what? You can take the festive fun with you wherever you go, thanks to its mobile compatibility. In a nutshell, Elf Bingo is a charming and potentially rewarding adventure that welcomes both new and seasoned players with open arms.