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Dragon Empires Golden Age Slot: An Awe-inspiring Adventure

Dragon Empires Golden Age Slot: An Awe-inspiring Adventure

Get acquainted with the majestic creatures of Dragon Empires slot machine game from Microgaming. Know the various elements of this money-making casino game to help boost your winning potential. From the game metrics to the amazing visuals, read on to know the key details.


The Dragon Empires slot game has a standard grid layout of five reels and four rows, along with 40 paylines. What this means is that you will have plenty of chances to hit the right winning combination to provide you with huge payouts. 

The aforementioned reel layout of the Dragon Empires slot machine is considered pretty decent according to the standards of the casino game industry. However, despite having a rather bland layout, the game has plenty of surprising features that you will find out below that we will discuss in detail.


Due to the consistent imagery of dragon creatures within the game, we therefore conclude that the Dragon Empires slot game has a high fantasy theme. The game features creatures that are based on traditional European dragons who are equipped with mighty wings and can breathe fire instead of the much more benevolent Asian dragons

The background story of the game was centered around the lore of four mighty dragons each one representing the four classical elements of fire, earth, water, and air. Each of the respective dragons has features that are correlated to the element they represent such as vines for earth dragon and feathers for air dragon. 

Graphics & Soundtrack

Dragon Empires Golden Age

In comparison to other slot machine games on the market that are inspired by the lore of elemental dragons, what makes the Dragon Empires Golden Age stand out from the rest is its superb graphics that are not of cheap quality. 

Upon opening the slot game for the first time, you will be transported into the fabulous world of our four elemental dragons. You will see castles in the background that resemble the ones you will see from Medieval Europe. The game has a pretty sleek graphics and has an epic soundtrack. 

RTP & Volatility

When it comes to winning potential, this slot game from Microgaming has no shortage of features that can boost your chances of bagging huge payouts. When it comes to game metrics, the Dragon Empires Golden Age slot is tried and tested to provide potential decent wins to its players.

Dragon Empires has an RTP percentage of 96.43%, which is highly considered pretty above average. What this entails is that the game can provide huge wins at a low cost. 

As for the volatility or win frequency, this particular slot machine game has a medium-level volatility. What this means is that it can give huge amounts of wins as frequently as other slots.

Bonus Features

One of the advantageous qualities of the Dragon Empire Golden Age slot game is that it has no shortage of extra features that can help boost your potential to walk away with massive winnings. Here are the bonus features you will find within the game:

Link and Win Respins

The Link and Win is a bonus feature in the Dragon Empires Golden Age slot which gifts the players with multiple respins. This bonus round will only be triggered when they land at least six of the treasure chest symbols. When unlocked, this feature can provide you with three respins.

Dragon Power Stacks 

The Dragon Power Stacks are the most important bonus feature in this slot machine game title. This bonus round offers four ways of winning that are based on each of the four elemental dragons. Here are the features of each dragon power stack:

Air Dragon – It has the capability to take all of the links and win bonus rewards that appear on the reels.

Fire Dragon – It can include two extra re-spins to the Link and Win bonus round.

Water Dragon – This dragon symbol has the power to widen the reels to include five additional Link and Win symbols.

Earth Dragon – This particular bonus feature has the ability to increase the value and the total amount of the Link and Win rewards that you have won in the game. 

Final Verdict

The Dragon Empires slot machine game is one of the powerful additions to the ever-growing library of fantasy-themed slots from Microgaming. Having pretty sleek graphics and a huge winning rate, this game is an ideal addition to your game collection.