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Bonus Slot: Autumn Gold Slot review and verdict

Bonus Slot: Autumn Gold Slot review and verdict

The Autumn season is here to give you more golden chances of fortune with this bonus slot in the Autumn Gold Slot.

Autumn Gold is a seasonal-themed slot featuring three reels, nine paylines produced by Eyecon. It also offers great and common bonuses such as free spins, bonus and a gamble feature. You can follow us for more free slots casino games and actions here!

The visuals and graphics of this slot fit right to its title – autumn — filled with a simple backdrop of trees accompanied by brownish-orange leaves, acorns, and reels filled with objects that are commonly seen in autumn such as pumpkins, jams, red boots, owls and squirrel and orange leaves. This slot also has a cartoonish tone which kind of gives a refreshing and nostalgic vibe to all potential players. You can enjoy slots and games by visiting 12BET here!

Gameplay (How to play?)

Due to the simplicity of Autumn Gold, but the main screen of this game is quite a bit boring for elders or for players looking for quite a strong look and traditional screen setup of a slot game. We think that you are all quite familiar with the button of the other slot games as the Autumn Gold also uses other than the the three horizontal lines above where you can adjust the sounds and can access the game’s data by clicking the arrow on the right beside the HELP tab. Clicking the Autoplay icon will reveal a number of spins options ranging from 10, 20, 50, and 100 spins.

Just click cancel to return to the home screen. The panels above will show your credit status, wins, and bet. This is helpful to navigate and control your gameplay and to have safe and wise gaming. After settling your bet level, you can now enjoy playing this slot by clicking the spin button. Enjoy and have fun based on your budget.

Bonus Feature

Slot players can enjoy exciting yet familiar bonus features such as Free Spins which can only be triggered if you were able to land a maple leaf scatter Landing just three of maple leaf in one spin will award you eight free spins. 

The Prize Pick feature will only be triggered if you were able to land three Pink Umbrella scatters – once you were able to land three Pink Umbrella you will receive three prize picks with one of the prize picks is a x111 of total bet.

Lastly, the Gamble Bonus, in which the eligible win boosts a chance for players to gamble their prize in a straightforward 50-50 pick. Alhough this is a good feature, the decisions in eligibility is unclear and it will create huge confusion among players. As the wins from the regular round and other bonus features will not trigger this feature. 

Our Verdict

Autumn Gold slot is certainly not a great and exciting slot game out there. It did not attract players due to not-so enticing jackpots and kind of boring theme and sounds. Adding more musical inputs will have an impact on players’ gameplay. Still, AUtumn Gold is quite engaging due to its bonus features such as the Gamble Bonus and the redundant free spins that keeps the players engaged in the game. 

Where to play

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