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Bonus Bunnies Slot: Boundless Fun Awaits

Bonus Bunnies Slot: Boundless Fun Awaits

Slots are casino games with some of the lowest house advantages. And what better way to implement that than to start by playing with some adorable animal slots? If you’re looking for a slot that combines fun with high rewards, Nolimit City’s Bonus Bunnies slot might be your best shot! The game features animated farm bunnies, fun gameplay, and lots of bonus features.

We take a closer look at what makes this dynamic slot game different from the typical animal slots that players love and enjoy.

Bonus Bunnies Slot Layout

First things first, let’s talk layout.

The Bonus Bunnies slot has a classic 5×4 grid layout. There are 30 fixed paylines, so unlike cluster pay slots like the Chicken Drop slot, you need to line up matching symbols on these paylines to win. If that sounds complicated, fret not—we can assure you it’s pretty straightforward. So it’s still a perfect game for beginners wanting to dip their toes into slot gaming.


The theme of Nolimit City’s Bonus Bunnies slot just screams adorable.

It has a delightful farm setting with a bunch of cute bunnies running the show. The symbols include veggies like peas, onions, and eggplants—everything a bunny could dream of munching on. Plus, the poker rank symbols are designed to look like they’re made of wood, adding to the rustic farm vibe. It’s a playful, light-hearted theme that makes the game a true joy to play in the comfort of your home.

Graphics & Soundtrack

bonus bunnies slot graphics
Graphics for the Bonus Bunnies slot

The heart of a good online slot game beyond the tempting prizes is, of course, the overall look and vibe of the game!

The Bonus Bunnies slot shines brightly in the ocean of other animal slots with its colorful and detailed appearance. The characters are exquisitely designed to match the farm theme. The graphics—especially during those epic bonus features—show off some well-designed 3D characters that engage you to keep hitting that spin button.

As for the soundtrack, expect to hear upbeat music that fits perfectly with the game. It’s full of fun without being too distracting, so you can enjoy it for hours without getting tired.

RTP & Volatility

When it comes to RTP and volatility, the Bonus Bunnies slot hits the sweet spot on both fronts.

The return to player (RTP) rate is 96.14%, which is pretty standard for online slots. The game’s Medium volatility means you get a nice mix of small and big wins. It is a wonderful choice for players who love consistent payouts minus the wild swings you get with high-volatility slots. In short, it’s balanced and fun!

Bonus Features

Alright, let’s get to the exciting part—the bonus features!

Wild Expansion Feature

An interesting feature in Nolimit City’s Bonus Bunnies slot is the Wild Expansion. When a bonus symbol lands with a Wild, the Wild expands vertically. Should there be two or more bonus symbols, the Wilds expand both horizontally and vertically. This critical feature increases reel coverage and significantly boosts the likelihood of achieving a large win.

bonus bunnies slot - carrot link spins
Carrot Link Spins bonus feature of the Bonus Bunnies slot in-play

Next up is the Carrot Link Spins. You trigger this feature in the Bonus Bunnies slot by landing three bonus symbols. It’s a re-spin bonus that starts with three lives. The symbols that triggered the round turn into carrots with multipliers attached. Each time a new carrot lands, your lives reset to 3, and the multipliers keep adding up. It’s a thrilling feature that can lead to some hefty payouts!

Special Bonus Bunnies

bonus bunnies slot - special bonus bunnies
Special Bonus Bunnies bonus feature of the Bonus Bunnies slot

During the Carrot Link Spins, you’ll meet three special bonus bunnies, each with their own perks:

  • Harvester: This bunny in the Bonus Bunnies slot collects all the multipliers on the screen and adds their total to your current round multiplier, giving your payout a nice boost.
  • Fertilizer: Adds a new multiplier to all wins, making your rewards even sweeter.
  • Settler: Expands the bonus screen by adding a row, giving you more space for winning combinations.

If you fill all the spots on the bonus reels, you unlock a special chest. And you won’t believe what it comes with—a reward that multiplies your total prize by 3x, 4x, or 5x. Talk about a big finish!

Final Verdict on Bonus Bunnies Slot

So, what’s our final verdict? Bonus Bunnies slot by Nolimit City is an incredibly fun and engaging animal slot game. Its medium volatility and generous bonus features make it perfect for both new and experienced players. The adorable graphics and catchy soundtrack also add to the overall charm, making this game a must-try.

Ready to hop in on the action? Make sure to pop over at and start spinning the reels of Bonus Bunnies today!