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The World-Class Affiliate program is at your reach with 12BET Affiliate

The World-Class Affiliate program is at your reach with 12BET Affiliate

Become an affiliate partner with Asia’s No.1 Sports betting and online casino provider and get your chance to earn a huge affiliate commission here at 12BET!

Sports betting has been the game changer and a growing industry in connection with a rapid growth of sports, especially in the online platform. With this significant growth, it creates a lot of opportunities not just to pursue a career but also to have a chance for an extra income. These days, with the internet being one of the major platforms to earn — sports betting platforms are using this platform as a major commodity to raise the visibility and the possible audience to their company and the best and known way to make that happen is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing program is a marketing program that simply refers to a product or service by sharing it through blog sites, social media platforms, or websites. The affiliates earn a commission each time someone makes a purchase through the use of a unique link associated with your website. In sports betting, the affiliates needed to refer or promote the sports betting products of a specific sportsbook.

To experience the success of affiliate marketing, 12BET, Asia’s best sportsbook, launches the best sports betting affiliate program that everyone can join and be part of. This FIFA World Cup 2022 season, 12BET launches new affiliate program, with exclusive promotions that you can enjoy if you apply to become an affiliate partner with an aspiration of promoting and advertising the products and service of 12BET to your contacts, friends or even within your teams to make 12BET as the rising leader of sportsbook in the world, and growth bigger revenue in your monthly earning through affiliate commission

In 12BET, experience matters and for this sportsbook, the future of the affiliate partners and its customers matters the most more than any other thing. So, Asia’s leading sportsbook is dedicated to providing great services for all who want to be part of the revolution and the future of sports betting with Chat Supports. Easy to use interface, no lag or spam on your website, always up to date system, data-driven website, reliable, real-time and very accurate data and reports that will surely guarantee you superb services through quality performance, security, and integrity of loyalty to customers and affiliates that no any provider can match.

12BET is definitely worth recommending and advertising to your friends, relatives, and contacts with service like loss limit to help you guide on being a responsible gamer, because this is a sportsbook that lives on the motto that “experience matters”. As a New Affiliate, you can earn a 50% flat commission for every successful referral of qualified active members to 12BET. For Existing Affiliates, you can receive $3,212 extra cash on top of your monthly commission — this promotion runs from October 1 – December 31, 2022.

It does not only cover the world of sports betting through predictions and live scores, 12BET also covers with a depth and details to details that includes live odds and pre-match odds, updated data for live scores, H2H, and bet assist. The sportsbook services of 12BET is definitely one of the best not only in Asia, but also in the World that not only provide entertainment but surely boost your earnings.

You can track the progress of your affiliate website anywhere and any time as 12BET is perfect and will perform excellent work on any devices as it has an easy configuration, friendly user interface, excellent security, and the chat support responds on time to answer all your queries. No matter what device you are using, may it be a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or even desktop computer the smooth experience will still be performed and accompanied. There is also an app where you can have easy and reliable access and check your data and your affiliate programs whenever and wherever you are.

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Here at 12BET, your trusted sportsbook platform with over 13 years of unparalleled service, you can find the best platform for all types of online betting games whether it’s sports or in the casino. We offer an Affiliate Program promotion where you can become a 12BET partner to promote and refer qualified players in line with FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Exciting games and big wins as you visit 12BET Affiliate where exclusive promotions await.