Top 5 eSports Tournaments in India Dominating the Game

Top 5 eSports Tournaments in India Dominating the Game

Ever wondered what the top eSports tournaments in India are? Well, wonder no more—because in this article, we’ll be exploring five of the most sought-after tournaments in the country! From big eSports games like Dota 2 to the ever-exciting PUBG Mobile, these competitions are heating up in India’s massive eSports culture. Ready to learn more about these big events? Keep on reading below!

5 of the Most Popular eSports Tournaments in India

Skyesports Championship

Skyesports Championship 5.0 in 2023, one of the biggest eSports Tournaments in India | Credit:
Skyesports Championship 5.0 in 2023, one of the biggest eSports Tournaments in India | Credit:

Of all the eSports tournaments in India, the Skyesports Championship has been making waves since 2019. It became a big deal in the eSports gaming scene during their third installment (aka Championship Skyesports 3.0), when it promised a massive prize pool of  26,00,000 INR!

They catered for competitions for Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, BGMI, and Valorant. Basically, all the big mobile and PC eSports games were there. And who was crowned champions then? None other than GodLike Esports who took home the big W (win).

The 2024 event or Skyesports Championship 6.0 is yet to be determined, but make sure to stay tuned here at OnlineBetNow to get the latest in eSports news!

ESL India Premiership

Now, if we’re talking BIG deals in eSports history, you might want to check out the ESL India Premiership!

Just like the Skyesports Championship, ESL India Premiership is one of the eSports tournaments in India that offers a ton of tournaments for games like CS:GO, Dota 2, and even Clash Royale. And in its fifth anniversary, they even added PUBG Mobile to the fray!

All the best Indian teams battle it out for massive cash prizes, and the production quality is enough to even best the eSports World Cup. Their last tournament was in 2020 when Orange Rock PUBG players clinched first place during the Finals with a massive win of 600,000 INR, eventually qualifying them for the Fall Masters League.

While there’s still little news on the latest for ESL India Premiership, we can definitely still say that it’s one of the eSports tournaments in India that made it one for the books!

PUBG Mobile India Series

Here’s another tournament that’s put a few eSports tournaments in India to shame with how big its gotten: the PUBG Mobile India Series!

PUBG Mobile is one the biggest eSports games in India (and history!), and it’s no secret that Indians absolutely crush it in the game—so much so, they’re willing to make an entire tournament out of it. Their last tournament in 2020 was the second time they ran it, and it made news with its massive prize pool of 50,000,000 INR spread across winning teams.

TSM Entity took home 20,000,000 INR of it as they shot up to first place for the PUBG Mobile India Series! With exciting player rewards like The Chosen One (maximum number of MVP’s), The Annihalator (player with the most Damage done), and so much more, it not only rewards teams, but shows off the best of the best in eSports India history.

ESL One Mumbai

How about eSports tournaments in India dedicated to one of the big leagues: Dota 2? Look no further! ESL One Mumbai stands tall and proud as one of the biggest Dota 2 tournaments to happen in India.

ESL, a big-time eSports company, teamed up with NODWIN Gaming to make it happen. They brought in the top Dota 2 teams from around the world, plus one awesome local team from India, to battle it out for a whopping $300,000 prize pool! It all went down at the NSCI Dome for three short days in 2019.

While host team Signify didn’t make it to the top, they still made it to the 7th-8th place with a generous $7,500 in winnings. They still made their home country proud, and the ESL One Mumbai proved to be one of the most exciting eSports tournaments in India for Dota 2 lovers!

DreamHack India

esports tournaments in india dreamhack india 2023 snapdragon pro series
Snapdragon Pro Series for Call of Duty Mobile happened in DreamHack India 2023, one of the biggest eSports Tournaments in India | Credit:

Wrapping up this list of the top eSports tournaments in India is none other than DreamHack India! DreamHack is a massive gaming festival that started its roots in Europe, and slowly crawled its way to the SouthEast Asian market through India.

It’s practically a dream come true for any Indian gamer! They have tournaments for all sorts of games, like CS:GO, Dota 2, and even Super Smash Bros. But it’s not all gaming competitions—eSports fans also got a chance to join in on the fun with cosplay competitions of their fave video game characters, meet and greet with their favorite gamers, and a ton more.

DreamHack India 2023 was popping with a ton of it, including big finals tournaments!

They hosted the Kingfisher India Premiership Fall Season Lan Finale where top players from the season go head-to-head to snag the 5,500,000 INR prize pool. Hosting five different games like Clash of Clans, Pokemon Unite, Tekken 7, World Cricket Championship, and even Chess, it’s just one of the many tournaments DreamHack India 2023 held then.