7 Best eSports Teams in India Dominating the Arenas

7 Best eSports Teams in India Dominating the Arenas

You’ve heard of the best eSports tournaments in India—but for now, let’s give a shoutout to the killer teams that made these competitions possible! We’re talking some of the best eSports teams in India who have rocked the local—and international—stage with their prowess and dedication in playing the most popular eSports games ever.

Top 7 eSports Teams in India Taking the World by Storm

GodLike eSports

GodLike Esports, one of the best eSports teams in India, wins second place in COD Mobile World Championship 2023 USA.
GodLike Esports, one of the best eSports teams in India, wins second place in COD Mobile World Championship 2023 USA. | Credit:

Nothing screams “best eSports team in India” quite like GodLike eSports! They’re not only big in India, but they’ve made huge waves internationally. Established by streamer legend Kronten in 2018, they boast some of the best BGMI players—that’s Battlegrounds Mobile India, in case you aren’t familiar, though it’s now better known as PUBG—like Jonathan and Clutchgod.

Highlighting GodLike Esports’ global impact, we can look back at their participation in the 2021 PMGC, representing India with pride. Furthermore, their near-win at the 2023 COD Mobile World Championship against Team Wolves demonstrates their ability to compete at the highest level.

Talk about one of the most stunning and powerful eSports teams in India, and it’s only the beginning of our list.


Orangutan, one of the best eSports teams in India.
Orangutan, one of the best eSports teams in India. | Credit:

If you’re seeking a savage player line-up with multiple teams dominating the eSports scene, the Orangutan’s got your back! We say multiple eSports teams in India, because they’re a full-on organization. Their roster of eSports games includes PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Pokémon UNITE, and, recently, Valorant!

In fact, they won the Predator League 2024: India for Valorant, automatically qualifying them for the APAC Predator League. And let’s not forget how they crushed it at the VALORANT Challengers 2023: South Asia Split 2, with Antidote and Rawfiul taking home MVP titles!

Revenant eSports

Here’s an organization that’s not as talked about enough, but we will anyway! Revenant eSports shines as one of the best eSports teams in India; with rosters clutching gametime in tournaments for PUBG, COD Mobile, Apex Legends, and even Pokémon UNITE.

While they definitely made their marks in other eSports tournaments, they didn’t always nail it as much as they did in India’s PokĂ©mon UNITE scene. They’ve been dominating since 2022, winning both the India Championship (2022) and the Asia Champions League (2023)!

Plus, they were one of the few eSports teams in India to qualify for the PokĂ©mon UNITE World Championship 2022. Sure, they didn’t take the top spot, but their talent, with players like OMEN and Crowley, definitely put India on the PokĂ©mon UNITE map, on top of every other eSports tournament map.

Team S8ul

Team S8ul, one of the best eSports teams in India.
Team S8ul, one of the best eSports teams in India. | Credit:

Dream team, you ask? Say no more! Team S8ul is the true culmination of Indian powerhouses Team SOUL and 8bit. They’re also owned by legendary esports players Mortal, 8Bit Thug, and Goldy; so you know they’ve created one of the best eSports teams in India.

Don’t believe us? Let the stats of Team S8ul speak for themselves. Remember Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) in 2022? They crushed it, not only winning the whole thing but also sweeping all the individual and team awards – insane dominance!

They’re not just killers in-game though, S8ul also took home “Content Group of the Year” at the eSports Awards in 2022 and even repped India at the PUBG Mobile World Invitational in 2022 as well. Talk about well-rounded!

Enigma Gaming

While much to everyone’s shock and relief of Enigma Gaming’s disbandment in 2023, we can still say that they’re one of the eSports teams in India that made waves. Here’s a quick rundown of their dominance and runner-up finishes:

  • Dominated the Valorant circuit in 2022, winning TEC Challenger Series 8, WD Black Cup Season 3, Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup, and the Penta Challenge 2021.
  • Consistent podium finishes in 2022, placing 2nd in Skyesports Champions Series, Skyesports Souvenir in Mumbai, The Esports Club Gauntlet Season 4, Esportz Premier Series 2021, and Skyesports Championship 3.0 in 2021.

Velocity Gaming

If you’re seeking eSports teams in India that dominated an entire eSports game for nearly a whole year, look no further! Velocity Gaming has a record of winning multiple Valorant tournaments in 2021. 

We’re talking Seasons 1 and 3 of the eSports Club Gauntlet, Skyesports Championship 3.0, and even rocked champion crowns in the 2021 Amazon Great Indian Festival – Championship! Practically undefeated for an entire year, and even leading up to other wins in 2022. They’ve also raised a few runner-up wins in PUBG Mobile, but their mettle truly shined in Valorant.

Team XSpark

Wrapping up our list on the best eSports teams in India is none other than the Team XSpark! They certainly deserve the hype, considering they’re a major powerhouse in their country. Founded by none other than the legendary streamer and player ScoutOP (Tanmay Singh)—one of the best PUBG players, by the way!—this team has been crushing the Battlegrounds Mobile India scene.

Their squad, led by ScoutOP himself, features top talents like Aditya, Pukar, Sarang, and Mavi. They’ve been racking up wins and consistently proving themselves as a top contender in the Indian BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) circuit. Snagging wins from the THUG Invitational: Season 4 in 2022 and even the PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split 2020: India. Keep your eye on these guys!

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