What are Fish Shooting Games?

What are Fish Shooting Games?

Have you seen a casino gambling game that resembles an arcade game where the players shoot fish to win money? Chances are, you stumbled upon a fish shooting game in the secure online casino. These highly entertaining and lucrative casino games are designed to keep you on the edge of your seat and, at the same time, give you a huge chance to win prizes.

Today, we will talk about the obscure casino game called Fish Game and how you can utilize it to advance your business. 

What are fish table games?

Fish shooting games are casino gambling games where players can shoot virtual fishes on a betting table and earn points which in turn can be converted to credits or real money. While there are various types of fish that can be shot within the game, the bigger the fish captured, the higher the value of prizes that can be won in this game. 

Just like the game of video slots which has a stack of tiered symbols, the different types of fish have their own equivalent payout. Smaller fish can also be shot and is necessary to upgrade your gun so you can shoot bigger fish at the secure online casino.

Origin of fish shooting games

Fish shooting games are quite new and the improvement in computer technology became instrumental in developing the game of what we know now as fish games

The origin of fish shooting games can be traced back to the year 2005 in China. The first fish shooting game was played in Hong Kong where arcade establishments are prevalent. Fish shooting games are also present in Singapore and Vietnam. 

The game eventually found its way into the gaming halls of the United States of America, especially in the state of California. The Westerners claimed them as their own and inserted gambling elements into them.

Nowadays, fish shooting games are prevalent on secure online casino sites that offer highly entertaining gambling games aside from slots and roulette.

How to play them?

There are plenty of casinos both land-based and online offering fish shooting games where you can win real money. Some of the brick-and-mortar casinos have a designated area in their gaming hall for obscure gambling games like fish games.

The gameplay of fish shooting games is pretty simple, you will find that this game almost resembles the gameplay of video slots but has an arcade element to it. The core objective of the game is self-explanatory, players have to shoot the fish and gain the prize it represents.

Tips on playing fish casino games

Little do most people know that fish shooting games in a secure online casino rely less on luck and possess more strategic elements that where players can master to improve their probability of winning. In fact, there are several tips and tricks you can apply to boost your winning potential, and here are some of them.  

Don’t go big 

Most novice players tend to aim for huge fishes to win which can waste the bullets of their cannons because these fishes take too long to die. The truth is that the bigger the fish, the longer the time it could take to kill it so a bigger cannon is needed.

One of the techniques in playing fish shooting games is to steer clear of bigger fish and instead focus on smaller fish. If you are still new to the game, refrain from going for the big fish.

Upgrade your gun

The cannons in fish shooting games are significant because the quality of the fish that you can aim for depends on the quality of your gun. You can do this by starting shooting small fish and eventually going bigger and bigger over time at the secure online casino.

Shooting small fishes can add points to your account which in turn can be used to upgrade your cannon to shoot bigger fishes. Once you have upgraded your cannon, you can shoot more fish at once which in turn can boost your winning potential.

Improve your aiming skills

The game of fish shooting can be pretty engaging and players can get easily lost in the world of the game. However, in the end, the most important skill that you can use in this game is shooting, obviously. If you are still new to fish shooting games, make sure that you improve your aiming skills. 


Fish shooting game is one of the engaging games in the secure online casino and it can offer lucrative prizes if done right. It combines the entertaining gameplay of slots and the strategic element of poker. If you’re still new to gambling make sure that you try this game in the casino of your choice.