Top 10 Casino Games with the Lowest House Advantage

Top 10 Casino Games with the Lowest House Advantage

One of the typical dilemmas that casino players experience is choosing a suitable game to play. With money and time at stake, we want to ensure that the game we are playing can pay decent returns to us. However, elements such as house advantage or the tendency of the game to win in the casino’s favor can get in the way.

Today, we will enumerate the various easiest casino games to win in the casino that have a low house advantage.

Video Poker

Video poker is among the easiest casino games to win that have a low to zero percent house edge. If done right with the right tactics, players will be able to boost their winnings and get the payout amount that they wish for. 

Contrary to popular belief, video poker requires a certain set of skills in order to be effective. Variants such as Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better are proven suitable even for novice players.


While widely regarded as a table game, backgammon evolved over time to include gambling elements. Nowadays, backgammon gambling can now be played in casinos like Las Vegas, where players can place their wager to try to win the game. 

Little do people know that Backgammon is one of the easiest casino games to win possessing a low house edge, ranging from 6.39% to 4.82%.  

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean stud poker is a variant of stud poker that has no bluffing, and the payout is based on the actual value of the cards that make up a hand. Additionally, even though you have similarities with your opponents, the one that you have to beat is the casino itself. 

Roulette (Single Zero)

One of the classic and easiest casino games to win in the casino is roulette, and this game has been enchanting casino-goers for a very long time because of its elegant tables and engaging gameplay. 

There are a few types of roulette, but the player-friendly ones are European or single zero roulette. In comparison to the American variant, 

Pai Gow Poker

Pai gow poker is a casino table game that combines elements from the ancient Chinese domino game of pai gow and the modern card game of poker. The only difference is that in pai gow poker, the players will be dealt with seven cards, and they have to make two hands instead of one. 

The objective of pai gow poker is to arrange their cards in a manner that both hands have to have a value that is higher than the banker’s two hands. 


Craps is a casino table game. that utilizes a pair of dice, and the players will bet on the outcome of where the dice will land. At first, the betting table of craps seems complex, but the mechanics are straightforward, and it can offer a variety of bet options like in roulette tables. 

The Game of craps is one of the few easiest casino games to win, with the lowest house edge that typically ranges from 5% to 1.4%. 


If we take the influence of luck aside, the baccarat game is highly regarded as the easiest game to play in the casino. The objective of the game is to make an accurate guess of which one will make a winning hand, the banker or the player. That’s it.

The game follows the right balance of a luck-based and strategy-based casino game. Baccarat has a house edge of 1.5%, which is considered the lowest value in the casino. 

Three Card Poker

Three-card poker is pretty self-explanatory. In this variant of standard poker, players are dealt with three cards to make a hand. The game is also similar to Baccarat in the sense that the dealer will also be dealt with three cards, and they have to make a hand that is better than the dealer’s to be considered the winner.


Blackjack has long been considered an ideal game for casino players because of its straightforward gameplay. The game of blackjack relies heavily on strategy and, otherwise, on luck. 

This hugely popular table card game offers one of the lowest house edges in the casino at 1.5%. Additionally, you can employ certain strategies, such as card counting and mathematical skills, to get ahead of the game.


It can be surprising that the game of slots has found its way on this list despite being a game based purely on luck. Slots have been one of the go-to favorites in the casino due to their sheer versatility and variety of forms. 

The game of slots has plenty of bonus features that can elevate a player’s gaming experience. The truth is that not all the easiest casino games to win have a low house edge, but seek the one that has a low to medium volatility.


Knowing the house edge or house advantage of a particular casino game could help players choose the suitable game for them. However, knowing is not enough as applying certain strategies could help you boost your winnings.