The Best Card Games in the Casino That You Should Know

The Best Card Games in the Casino That You Should Know

There is no shortage of games in the casino that are utilizing a deck of playing cards. Games such as poker and blackjack are deemed the most popular card games on the planet and are known for their engaging albeit complex gameplay. 

In today’s piece, we will be counting down the top card games in the casino app, including the obscure variations of the classic ones. 

Three Card Poker

The three-card poker is among the newest casino games that entered the gambling scene, having been around for just two decades. This new card casino game puts a spin on the classic poker game.

The game is pretty simple to follow, similar to the game of baccarat; punters are prompted to place a bet by choosing between the dealer’s hand and the player’s hand. The goal is to guess correctly the better hand.

Red Dog

One of the obscure games in the casino app is the game called Red Dog, which is much more popular as a parlor game than a straight-up real money casino game. If you are looking for a new casino game you want to try, this card game is perfect for you. The goal of Red Dog is simple: players are dealt three cards, take turns betting, and the player with the highest number of chips at the end will be the winner. 

Video Poker

As the name suggests, video poker is a classic poker game but it was being played in a casino machine. Video poker strips down the table game element of classic poker and retains the basic elements. Players are dealt with five cards and players have to make better hands. 

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is one of the variants of the card game blackjack and it utilizes a special betting table and playing card deck that was manufactured by a company based in Colorado. The mechanics of Spanish 21 is similar to the typical blackjack with a few differences such as it uses a 48-card deck with the tens discarded. 


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Blackjack is the most popular card game in the casino app and it is no surprise because it has straightforward gameplay. In blackjack, players are dealt with 2 cards and they have to produce a hand value that makes up a number that is 21 or lower.  

Pai Gow Poker

Known widely as double-hand poker, Pai Gow Poker is a card game variation of the Oriental game of Pai Gow which originally used dominos. In this game, punters need to defeat the croupier and the other players. Bettors only have to place their bet on a win, lose, or draw. 


The game of pontoon is one of the many versions of blackjack and it is mostly being offered in online casinos rather than in land-based casinos. The key distinction between pontoon and blackjack is that instead of 21, players must make a hand with a hand value of 14 or lower. 


Omaha is a game that is known as one of the most popular variants of poker on the planet, only second to Texas Hold’em. 

In the game, players are dealt with four-hole cards which only the players can use while there are five community cards that all the players can use. The goal is to make a winning hand using five cards: three from community cards and two from the hole cards.


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Baccarat is an obscure casino app card game that has a rich history. Back in 19th century Europe, French soldiers played this game after they participated in the war in Italy. When the game made its way to America, it was initially tailored for wealthy patrons, nowadays, players can play baccarat at low stakes.

Texas Hold’em

Lastly, the most ideal and popular card game both in land-based and online casinos is a poker variation called Texas Hold’em. As of 2023, over a million betting game fans worldwide are playing Texas Hold’em poker. 

Despite having highly complex gameplay, Texas Hold’em is among the favorites of the punters in the casino. Similar to Omaha, there are two hole cards and five community cards. Players have to create a five-card winning hand and players also take turns in raising or folding. 

There you have it! While this only featured the most popular card games in the casino app, there are other casino games out there that are waiting to be discovered. If you want to maximize your earnings, you can be part of our affiliate program here: