Common Online Slot Gamer’s Afflictions You Should Know and What to Do With Them

Common Online Slot Gamer’s Afflictions You Should Know and What to Do With Them

Online slot gaming is a pleasurable and fun activity; however, doing so without proper rest could have serious implications to your physical health. Just like any form of gaming activity, online gambling can also cause some maladies that involve some of the body parts that are being used in casino gaming. 

Let’s recognize these common afflictions that most casino gamers experience and learn the proper solution to each one of them . 

Slot gaming conditions

Eye strain

Eye strain is not a serious disease, but it can be annoying if not treated.

While common slot gamer maladies are rarely serious, some of them can lead to severe health conditions if left untreated. Among them is eye strain, which is a common affliction that is being experienced by people who use computers or mobile phones often. 

An eye strain is a sudden sharp pain that can be felt in some parts of the eyes which are commonly a product of prolonged exposure to computer screens and severe concentration to minute details in a task. 

When you are exposed to digital screens for a very long time, you can experience some dry eyes, general fatigue, vertigo, and headaches. Playing online games such as slots for an unhealthy amount of time can cause eye strain as well. 

A few good solutions to prevent eye strain is to give your eyes a break by looking away a few times or doing an eye exercise. Additionally, avoid looking at screens that are too bright or too dark; make sure that your gaming setup has good lighting to prevent poor vision. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome

The hands are the most used body parts in gaming activities and the first ones that experience pain.

One of the typical physical conditions that casino gamers experience is carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition is not only experienced by gamers but also a common maladies of corporate roles that often involve typing. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a hand condition that involves the sudden pain in a person’s wrist. The cause of this ailment is due to the severe pressure on the median nerve within the hand’s carpal tunnel. While in this condition, the patient can feel a tingling sensation, numbness on the nerves, and prolonged pain on the wrist. 

This hand condition is caused by movements of the hand in a repeated way. In order to avoid this malady, players need to take a few breaks between online gaming sessions, this can also involve giving your hands a rest. If the symptoms persist, you can opt to seek medical assistance. 


Migraine is widely considered as the worst variant of headaches and it is also common in online slot games. This type of headache typically happens along with other conditions such as eye strain and stress. 

When you have a migraine, you will experience blurred vision, eye strain, dizziness, and a sharp throbbing pain in the head. Not all migraines include the same set of symptoms, some of them also involve other conditions such as nausea and vomiting.

Migraine is a physical ailment that is caused by prolonged exposure to glowing digital screens, however, it is also caused by stress or lack of sleep. A few factors such as flashing colored lights and loud noises can also contribute to worsening of the migraine. 

Sudden headaches caused by prolonged online gaming is very common and it can be avoided or cured. To prevent migraines, online slot gamers should keep eye health in check, take regular pauses between game sessions, and have a good rest before and after the game. 


Gaming can also cause long-term problems such as back pain.

Aside from gaming maladies with short term effects, there are a few ones that have long term repercussions as well. One of these long term consequences is posture. 

If you are hunched in front of your computer screens for a prolonged time, online casino gambling can also have a severe impact on your posture. Additionally, if you sit in the same position for a long time, you can develop a strain in the neck, shoulders, and back. 

When people are hyper focused on the online slot game, they tend to slouch for a long time which can have a severe implication to your posture. This will lead to discomfort and you have a greater chance to develop poor posture.  

In order to prevent poor posture, we highly recommend that you make a good habit of sitting in a comfortable position. Always refrain on putting so much pressure on your spine by placing a good support on your back such as a cushion.