Common Gambling Superstitions That You Should Know

Common Gambling Superstitions That You Should Know

There are plenty of beliefs that gamblers have that are widely considered superstitious. These rituals are said to bring either good or bad luck and have endured for a long time that they become a part of the gaming culture. Knowing these superstitions will help us understand them better to avoid misunderstanding the behavior of other players when we notice them in a secure online casino.

Without further ado, here are the top superstitions in casino gambling that you should be familiar with.

Superstitions about Bad Luck

Losing has become inherent in casino gambling, and the pain of experiencing it typically lasts longer than winning. So, it is no surprise that several superstitions arose that are related to the avoidance of bad luck.

Numbers 13 and 4

In the Western countries, the number 13 was widely considered as an unlucky number. This is the reason why even in secure online casino sites, players avoid betting on the number 13. In a similar vein, the number 4 is associated with bad luck in Asia, which makes Macau bettors steer clear of this number.

Sitting with legs crossed

While crossing your fingers is associated with good luck, sitting with your legs crossed in a  casino on the other hand is considered unlucky. The reasoning behind it is that sitting with your legs crossed is believed to cross out your good fortune.

Using $50 bills 

Another superstition that is related to bad luck is the usage of a $50 bill in a secure online casino. Back in the day, Las Vegas was being run by Mafia and gangsters buried their victims with a $50 bill in their pockets. After that, superstitious gamblers have feared using a $50 bill in their gambling sessions.

Counting money at the table

One of the superstitions that are related to bad luck is you should never count your money at the betting table. It was considered unlucky to count your money or chips after your game. While it was a superstition, it was notorious for practical reasons because it was considered rude to count your chips in secure online casino sites.

Superstitions about Good Luck

Of course, if there are superstitions about bad luck, there are beliefs that will bring them good fortune as well. 

Wearing red

The belief that wearing a red-colored article of clothing was derived from Chinese culture. In China, red was widely revered as a color of luck and longevity. This is why it is no surprise that you will see plenty of high-rollers in Macanase casinos wearing red. 

Blowing the dice

person holding two red dice wooden surface

Dice-blowing is the most common gambling superstition in the game of craps and sic bo. According to a legend, one particular gambler used to coat one side of his dice with an adhesive substance so that it could land on the outcome that they expected. They said that the substance was much more adhering with the presence of moisture, this is why they had to blow it.

Being unlucky in love

They said that individuals who have bad luck in love are lucky in gambling. While this superstition doesn’t have an exact origin like the other items on this list, it was believed that those who are unlucky in love have the potential to win in casinos. 

This superstition was supposed to console those who had a streak of bad luck at the secure online casino. However, gamblers have embraced this superstition to operate in vice versa. What this means is that if you are skilled in gambling, you are supposed to be an unlucky one in matters of the heart. 

Crossing your fingers

Another common gambling superstition is crossing your fingers before placing your bets. This act has become a common ritual among thousands of gamblers around the world. There are also other versions of this ritual in the secure online casino such as knocking on wood or kissing a chip, either way, the effect is similar, which is to provide you with good luck. 


The superstitions about casinos and sports gambling don’t stop on the items on this list. There are plenty of gambling superstitions existing out there, which gives room for us to discuss some of them in future posts. In the meantime, you can test your luck by following these superstitions. 

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