Best Books About Gambling Strategy You Should Read

Best Books About Gambling Strategy You Should Read

If you are both a punter and a bibliophile, there are certain books that you can read that have plenty of information about gambling strategy. If you are still a novice in casino gambling, these book titles could be helpful in expanding your knowledge and understanding of casino games such as online blackjack. In fact, these works have served as a bible for casino punters.

Here are the popular and best-selling books that offer plenty of nuggets of wisdom that are related to casino games like online blackjack and poker.

Casino Confidential: Behind the Scenes of the Gambling Industry

If you are curious about behind the scenes that are happening at casino establishments, then Casino Confidential: Behind the Scenes of the Gambling Industry is the perfect book for you. 

The obscure nature of casinos has long been a topic of interest among punters and non-casino bettors. This book provides the readers an insight into the inner workings of casinos and how their complex and clandestine operations are crucial in maintaining the silky operation of these establishments. 

The author also discussed the different aspects of casino operations from the complex surveillance systems to the draconian security measures to keep thieves and con artists at bay. The book also details the roles of casino employees and the severe training they undergo to maintain their professionalism within the gambling establishment.

The Science of Poker: Strategies and Tactics

For players who wish to boost their betting skills in the casino game of poker and online blackjack, then The Science of Poker: Strategies and Tactics could be your go-to book. This comprehensive guide explores the complex systems of poker strategies. 

The book discusses certain aspects of the game of poker such as hand rankings, table position, and the intricate art of bluffing in complete detail. While the book does not explicitly reveal the techniques casinos use to outsmart poker bettors the book is still a complete help.

One of the qualities that sets this book apart from other guidebooks in gambling is that it has flawlessly explained complex subjects such as mathematics, psychology, and game theory in a way that even newbies in the industry will understand. 

The Biggest Bluff

In a similar vein as The Science of Poker: Strategies and Tactics, The Biggest Bluff is also a book dedicated to the game of poker and online blackjack. It was written by Maria Konnikova, Russian-American writer and psychologist. 

Konnikova enthralls her readers with her inspiring story of how she studied the complex world of poker. With no initial knowledge and experience in the casino game, in the book, she detailed how she started her journey to become a professional poker player. 

She told in the book how she used her background in psychology to outsmart her opponents and rose as a prolific poker prodigy.

Bringing Down the House

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If you have already watched the heist-drama film, “21”, then, you might have an idea about a story in this book. The movie starring Jim Sturgess and Kevin Spacey, is based on the book Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions. 

The story is about an M.I.T. professor and his students who devised a plan to outwit the systems of a Las Vegas casino using the card-counting technique in online blackjack. Initially, they were successful in winning a staggering amount. However, in the end, their luck ran out and had to face the consequences of their actions.

Fortune’s Formula

Fortune Formula is a comprehensive book about the rich history of the Bell Telephone Company. They are known for scientific breakthroughs such as the theory of Albert Einstein of how light can make electricity. This discovery is instrumental in the invention of the first-ever solar panel.

In 1956, a pair of scientists at Bell Labs, John L. Kelly Jr. and Claude Shannon made a fortune by applying their theories on gambling and stock investment. The scientists tested their luck on the Las Vegas games of online blackjack and roulette. The book detailed their successes and how their discovery has led to future scientific breakthroughs. 

Final Words

Indeed, there are plenty of book titles that are based on the complex and intriguing world of the casino industry. From a comprehensive tome to a cautionary tale of players who cons their way to outsmarting the casino house. If you are deeply fascinated with the world of casino gambling, then these books could be a good addition to your collection.