A Guide On 12BET Virtual Sports Betting

In addition to its usual lineup of high-quality sports betting and online casino products, 12BET has another treat in store for its Asian customers: virtual sports betting.

Virtual sports betting has long been popular in Europe, and 12BET is one of the first bookmakers to offer the service in Asia. Its appeal lies in the speed by which players can make bets and receive payouts, and the ease by which novice bettors can use it, among other things.

12BET’s virtual sports betting has the best features of both online casino gaming and sports betting. The interface looks similar to that of a traditional sports betting system, except it also comes with a streaming video of a 3D animated match. Here, bettors can pick any two teams to go against each other. While waiting for the match to load, players can likewise choose what kinds of bets they want to place, and confirm these within a set time.

Speaking of which, time isn’t a resource most bettors have in abundance, and virtual sports online betting systems save them just that. For example, a week’s worth of matches can be played within 90 seconds, and an entire season can be completed in just one hour. Players won’t take too long to see their payouts materialize, either.

The match outcome is determined by a system similar to a casino’s RNG, as well as the programmed playing style of each team. For instance, virtual Arsenal will play like real-life Arsenal, and the same goes for virtual Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton, etc.

This randomness of outcomes means that thorough analysis of real-life team profiles and statistics is no longer necessary. All players have to do is to design winning strategies similar to the ones they use for casinos for maximum profits and minimal losses.

12BET’s take on the virtual sports betting system doesn’t just aim to please those who love sports betting and online casinos at the same time. It also aims to give bettors a whole new gaming experience that they’ll wish to relive over and over again.

The official launch date of 12BET’s virtual sports product is June 11, 2013.

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