August 1, 2015 Saturday (EST Time) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


UFC Fighter Information:            

Ronda Rousey

Nickname: “Rowdy”

Fights from the: California, USA

Current Rank: Women Bantamweight Champion

Height: 5’7” (170 cm)

Record: 11 Wins, 0 Losses, 0 Draw

Weight: 135 lb (61 kg)

Age: 28


Important Skills to notice:

Analysis is based on the results of his last 9 fights.

The last two fights were KO while the remaining nine fights were submissions, which caused by all Armbar.

The Champion striking ability was very low compared to overall striking efficiency of Correia that is almost 100% while for the absorbed attacks Ronda’s average is lower than Bethe. In this category Rousey’s only above cards were the accurateness and the absorbed striking attacks.

In the field of grappling Ronda’s takedown accuracy is too high while Bethe’s is lower than the average, despite his best grappling attack, which is “Wrestling.”

When it comes to takedowns, Rousey defended only in above average and compared to the undefeated challenger which is more effective in takedowns.

In terms of submissions Ronda’s effectiveness is too high compared to Correia’s percentage that is almost nothing in the field.

When it comes to knockout efficiency Rousey’s average percentage was lower than Correia.


Obviously, the overall striking percentage of the Champion is very low compared to the Challenger but when it comes to submissions and takedowns, which dominated by Rousey, this will be the best asset to win in this great match and with his explosiveness within the cage and the experience in Olympics, we will be expecting a KO/TKO in the early round. No doubt the betting odds are favorable to the Champion.


UFC Fighter Information:            

Bethe Correia

Nickname: “Pitbull”

Fights from the: Campina Grande, Paraiba Brazil

Current Rank: #7 Women Bantamweight

Height: 5’5” (165 cm)

Record: 9 Wins, 0 Losses, 0 Draw

Weight: 135 lb (61 kg)

Age: 32

Important Skills to notice:

Analysis is based on the results of his 3 fights.

Striking specialist, Jiu-jitsu expert and Ground and pound.

Doubtless that the precision of Correia in striking is almost 100% compared to Rousey’s poor percentage, and the landed attacks of the Undefeated Challenger were really impressive but wait there’s more, aside from his effective strikes, she is also well defensive compared to the Champion.

I wonder that the grappling ability of Bethe is too low compared to the Champion who is very high in takedowns despite his favorite grappling technique, which is “Wrestling.” I’m not surprised that the takedown accuracy of Correia is very low compared to Rousey’s effectiveness because of, according to my observation based on his last fights, which is the Undefeated Challenger focuses only on striking abilities. Nevertheless, Ronda must not be confident on his expertise because Correia is well known for his specialty in defending takedowns.


The Undefeated Challenger is really interesting in his flawless striking attacks, which will be his best technique to counter the expertise of the Champion. Aside from the efficiency of his striking power Correia must also rely on his specialty in defensive mechanism which statistically greater than Rousey. Unfortunately, the odds is in the favor of the Champion but the Undefeated Challenger’s toughness within the cage will survive the explosiveness and aggressiveness of Ronda, which will give an opportunity for Correia to weaken her with his impressive striking prowess and take a possible victory in decision or KO/TKO.


Rousey 1.06

Correia 8.69

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